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What are your favorite gastroparesis-friendly snacks, meals, and drinks?

Finding safe foods and drinks is a difficult and exhausting process, especially when dealing with everything else gastroparesis entails.

After I was diagnosed (which was a whole process in and of itself, as I’m sure we all know too well), my gastroenterologist’s office just told me to “look up the gastroparesis diet online.” Yeah, not helpful. While there is some information online about the diet, it’s hard to follow, physically and mentally, and requires a lot of patience as you test your limits.

While I’m still searching for the ideal plan for my gastroparesis journey (I will admit that I do love taste-testing different flavors of Ensure), I want to hear from you, my fellow Mighties living with gastroparesis! Friends, what are your favorite or go-to gastroparesis-friendly snacks, meals, and drinks?

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What's something you wish you could tell others about your experience with gastroparesis?

Living with gastroparesis presents a unique set of challenges that can be hard to describe to those who don’t have experience with the disorder. From the outside, it may look like we’re picky eaters or we’re antisocial when we turn down dinner invitations, but, on the inside, we know we’re dealing with a difficult-to-manage condition that has the power to overwhelm us on a daily basis.

I wish I could express to others just how painful gastroparesis can be and the medications and precautions I have to take to be able to digest food. I also want people to understand that I’m not being rude or “watching my figure” when I ask for a to-go container, I just can’t keep forcing food down, especially when the people I care about glare at me impatiently as I take small bites and thoroughly chew everything.

So, fellow Mighties with gastroparesis, I want to know what you wish you could tell others about living with gastroparesis. You don’t have to sugarcoat anything here.

#Gastroparesis #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Diabetes #Neuropathy #TheBendyBunch #GP #EDS #underactivethyroid #Hypothyroidism #CheckInWithMe

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First Endo Appt

Today, I had my first appointment with an endocrinologist. I was diagnosed with hashimoto's in Feb 2020 and have been taking 50mg of levothyroxine every day since. I wasn't planning to visit an endo, but I wanted to explore other medicine options such as NDT or compound medication. Everything I feared about going to an endo came true. He said my TSH is normal, I'm not hypothyroid, lowering my TSH won't make me feel better and that he wouldn't have prescribed me with Levothyroxine in the first place. He asked me if I'm planning to get pregnant soon, then he would work to keep my TSH under 2.50. But the thing is, even if you tell me everything is normal on paper, that doesn't dispel all the symptoms I'm feeling! I feel crazy, dismissed. I ended the session agreeing to trial off of levothyroxine for 6 weeks and testing my thyroid levels at the end. I also agreed to get tested for other conditions such as celiac and pernicious anemia. I felt crushed, invalidated, but I didn't want to shut down his methods without giving it a fair shot. The worst part was that I expressed my feelings of upset to someone close to me, and they said it sounded like I wanted something to be wrong. In a way, I guess they're right, but only because if nothing is wrong, then what does that say about the symptoms I'm experiencing!! And disclaimer, they're normally very supportive, they probably were just at a loss on how to comfort me in that moment. So I turned back to this community. Because out here, I feel like I won't be seen unless everything comes crashing down. And as I told my endo, that's exactly what I'm trying to prevent!!
#hashimotos #HashimotosThyroiditis #Hypothyroidism #underactivethyroid #levothyroxine