So I have this really random, possibly extremely shallow, idea to only have female #Friends that are not straight or more on the same sex spectrum than I am.

Here me out.... I’ve sometimes seem to find girl friends that were not really my friends... (healthy friendships have came and gone but those ended mostly bc of me) like we could hang out and have great times but it was chitter chatter behind my back and always making me seem as if being me came at a cost to them. Mind you I’m an easy target bc I avoid confrontation bc I don’t know how to control my anger once it released. (long story....)

Anyways back to the topic: making friends with girls that like the same sex or more attracted to the same sex. See I wouldn’t have to deal with the insecurity for trying to be chosen... sounds sad right but it’s a start for me anyways. I have #Nofriends after deciding on what I can and cannot deal with in a friend.......

So I would like to invite everyone who reads this to share an idea in the comments! Please no hate and respect their POV. #LetsTalkAboutIt #Advice