June 14, 2020-- last year's Father's Day. I was a single mom then too, but both my kids had their dads in some manner. My son's dad lived a couple hours away but they talked on the phone. They had a good talk. My daughter's dad wasn't able to have her for his weekend but they spent the afternoon together. They played basketball and got ice cream. By mid-August, my son's dad had passed away and my daughter's dad had had his visitation rights suspended by way of strangely modified protection order. Long story short; he can call her but can't see her... Today-- could have been a day for my son to dwell on the fact that his dad isn't just in another city but actually GONE... Or for my daughter to be upset by the fact that her dad has lied to her so many times in the last year and now he's just a voice over the phone... But instead, and without making any reference whatsoever to it being father's day, my son bought me Stephen King's new book (I'ma HUGE fan!) with some of his graduation money. Then, my usually quite hyperactive daughter, just had a chill no expectations day of watching movies so that I could have a chill no expectations day of reading my new book! Of course this means she is still at a high level of "awakeness" when she should have been asleep at least 30 minutes ago, LOL, but we just roll with it in this house!!

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