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Why??? :(

Why do I let my childhood traumas distroy my adult life?
How do you get past it?
Why can’t I be a positive person like every body wants me to be? #Bipolar2Disorder #suckstobeme


What do you do when you find yourself comparing to those around you? #Comparison

Ever since I could remember I find myself comparing myself to those around me. It's not hard to do when you are the only differently abled person you know. I grew up with perfectly abled people around me and I have to give them props. They handled it great. They didn't treat me differently and helped me when I needed it. But I still couldn't help but feel jealous. My peers could play without worry, they were all close while I was left out on my own. They all hit their milestones together while I was struggling to keep up. I questioned why it had happened to me. Why am I going through all of this? It's only gotten worse now that I'm older and I haven't found a good solution quite yet. #Disability #Strokesurvivor #cerebalpalsy #Anxiety #Depression #wanttobenormal

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Losing a friend

This guy that I like...he used to be my friend. Now that we have started becoming more than friends, I miss the old us... he would listen to my problems without getting affected by it. I don’t have the courage to give up the impulsive decision making which troubles him. I don’t feel like he knows me anymore and I keep hurting him with my impulsiveness.

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #wanttobenormal