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    Funny interaction

    Dealing with the medicaid office can be stressful. I had to call them for the first time in my life but certainly won't be the last, but I thought I would share a little snippet of the conversation to bring a little bit of joy, cause I sure giggled about it later:

    Worker: are you disabled?

    Me: yes.

    Worker: How long have you been disabled?

    Me: since birth.

    Worker: *shocked* excuse me? Since birth?

    Me: *confused by reaction* yes. Since birth

    This was genuine shock, the worker wasn't trying to be mean or judgemental. You would have thought that she never met someone that was born with their disability... Maybe she hadn't. Maybe she was surprised how calm and matter of fact I was and not shy about it. I don't shy away from facts. Still, the experience of it was so funny to me. I hope it brought a little bit of a smile to your face
    #CentersForMedicareAndMedicaid #Disability #MentalHealth #HealthInsurance #funny #cerebalpalsy #Stroke #PediatricStroke

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    A realization.

    I was listening to music last night and I made a sudden realization. I had a crush on this guy in school and the only reason we didn't connect was because of our drastically different music tastes. Music was this crush's life. He LIVED and BREATHED music, so me being into cutesy boybands (who I still listen to today thank you very much) and him only listening to metal and rock, he didn't like me the same way I liked him. I, however, can't help but laugh, for after graduating high school, I expanded my playlist and listen to rock and metal A LOT. It's funny how life works sometimes. Now, don't get me wrong, this crush has chosen me to not be in his life even though we've known each other since we were four, and the crush has long since fizzled out, but knowing this is kind of empowering.
    #crush #School #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression #Disability #cerebalpalsy

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    Community Voices

    What do you do when you find yourself comparing to those around you? #Comparison

    Ever since I could remember I find myself comparing myself to those around me. It's not hard to do when you are the only differently abled person you know. I grew up with perfectly abled people around me and I have to give them props. They handled it great. They didn't treat me differently and helped me when I needed it. But I still couldn't help but feel jealous. My peers could play without worry, they were all close while I was left out on my own. They all hit their milestones together while I was struggling to keep up. I questioned why it had happened to me. Why am I going through all of this? It's only gotten worse now that I'm older and I haven't found a good solution quite yet. #Disability #Strokesurvivor #cerebalpalsy #Anxiety #Depression #wanttobenormal

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    my step aon 18 yo and have CP. Most of the time he's not sleep and the whole night only laugh by him self? Is it common for CP?

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    so I have a question. my nephew has #cerebalpalsy. he is 17. has #Epilepsy. just wanted to know can fear trigger really bad seizures?

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    Who has had suicidal ideation? What had helped get yourself through the dark times? #cerebalpalsy #Depression #Anxiety

    <p>Who has had suicidal ideation? What had helped get yourself through the dark times? <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="cerebalpalsy" href="/topic/cerebalpalsy/" data-id="5bc964e90e4a9400ac526e6b" data-name="cerebalpalsy" aria-label="hashtag cerebalpalsy">#cerebalpalsy</a> <a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="Depression" href="/topic/depression/" data-id="5b23ce7600553f33fe991123" data-name="Depression" aria-label="hashtag Depression">#Depression</a> <a class="tm-topic-link mighty-topic" title="Anxiety" href="/topic/anxiety/" data-id="5b23ce5f00553f33fe98d1b4" data-name="Anxiety" aria-label="hashtag Anxiety">#Anxiety</a></p>
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