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Do you engage in comparative suffering?

Do you ever find it difficult to lean into what you are struggling with because you find yourself thinking "I shouldn't feel this way. XYZ person has it worse"? I do. All. The. Time. It's like there's some kind of continuum for suffering and my suffering never makes the cut.

I feel a deep sense of shame for feeling angry, sad, scared, grief, loss, over things that are tumultuous in my own life when I hear that someone else is going through something I deem way worse.

And yet, that completely invalidates our own experiences in life. When did we learn that our struggle doesn't matter? How did we decide that everyone else should come ahead of us?

I'm not saying we shouldn't be empathetic and show compassion for others in their struggles. But we really need to do the same for our own. Acknowledge that something sucks and allow ourselves to feel those feelings.

It's SO HARD though.

Does this resonate with you? If so, how. Share below.

#Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #Comparison #struggle #suffering


Anyone else have a hard time with comparing themselves to others? How did you overcome it?

#BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Comparison

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I don't know about anyone else, but there's something in the transition from the old year to the new year that puts me in a funk. My mental health becomes unstable, and my relationships become rocky. I swear I've gotten into more arguments in the past few weeks than I have all year. I am slowly getting back on track, but it's still a process 🤣.

Some goals I am setting to start this year is creating boundaries for myself and I am going to find ways not to compare myself to others. The first one I have already made steps into, but the second one always seems to get me into trouble. Though, it's understandable since that's all I know and grew up with all of my life.

I hope everyone is making steps towards their own goals (even if it is the tiniest step) and I hope this year will be good for everyone!

#Comparison #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth #Disability #Stroke #CP #Life #goals #iminafunk

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Hi everyone- long time no chat.....

To piggy back off my last post, I accepted the job and have been loving it! So thank you to all for nice words and such. Yall da best 💕

Anyways....*drum roll*...........
Do we ever fully discover our purpose? Who we really are as individuals? Or is life a constant comparison battle? If so, can I fucking blows.
I had my innocence, spirit and soul crushed and taken from me at a very young age and ever since those series of events- I’ve been lost.
For the longest time I was fighting to be the girl I used to be before the mental, emotional and physical abuse, the rape, the bullying and ultimately wanting to end my life so bad I ended up in a psych ward (12/10 don’t recommend btw...) anyways, since then I’ve been struggling to find my purpose or simply answer that annoying question of “who are you?” “Who do you want to be?” Not only for others but mainly myself.
For example: I’m 120% opposite of my S.O. Which everyone will say, “well, opposites attract, ya know?”
While that statement may ring true....for someone who’s lost in their own mind, being and soul...that’s a bloody nightmare. If I’m not comparing myself to what I THINK they want...I’m punishing myself and who I am as a person because I presume I’m not good enough for them but myself, as well.
Now, this is nothing that my S.O. Puts on me in terms of what’s going on mentally- this is my own screwed up thought process.

I get so jumbled up in my own thoughts that I don’t know what I see in the mirror other than a shell of a girl who can’t stand herself. I could pick myself into a million pieces and never be content enough. It’s so exhausting and not worth my time...because I know I’m okay- but my mind and thoughts say otherwise.

I need an off switch for everything.

Anyway, I’m half awake typing out meaningless nonsense. Stay rad everyone ✌🏼 #Depression #Comparison #Anxiety #BipolarDepression #exhaustion


What do you do when you find yourself comparing to those around you? #Comparison

Ever since I could remember I find myself comparing myself to those around me. It's not hard to do when you are the only differently abled person you know. I grew up with perfectly abled people around me and I have to give them props. They handled it great. They didn't treat me differently and helped me when I needed it. But I still couldn't help but feel jealous. My peers could play without worry, they were all close while I was left out on my own. They all hit their milestones together while I was struggling to keep up. I questioned why it had happened to me. Why am I going through all of this? It's only gotten worse now that I'm older and I haven't found a good solution quite yet. #Disability #Strokesurvivor #cerebalpalsy #Anxiety #Depression #wanttobenormal

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about man

Everybody cannot do everything.


Everyone can do Something #Comparison

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#Quotes #Comparison #YouAreBeautiful

Don’t compare yourself to someone else for you are beautifully unique and incredible just as you are! 💜💜☺️😀😃😄😍🥰🔆🧡


Social media

How many of you have considered coming off social media?
I find my depression is heightened through Facebook and Instagram.
I know it’s a false reality, and people only show their best bits.. but it often highlights what I feel is missing in my life and I’m constantly comparing myself to others. But then, if I came off social media, I would be worried I might feel lonely and even more disconnected from the world. Being 30 and childless hurts when all you see constantly are baby pictures, pregnancy announcements & happy families. It really hurts :(
#SocialMedia #Depression #Comparison #Jealousy #Childless #Emptynest #Emptiness #Heartache