!" I Wake Up Everyday Terrified Of What Or Why I'm Going To Get Yelled At For... I Can't Sleep Because All I Hear Now Are Entitled Customer's... Or My Boss Or Co-worker's Randomly Yell At Me... Disrespect Me Or Continually Talk Bad About Me... For No Reason... I Had An Indecisive Customer... Who Kept Changing His Order... He Kept Asking For 10 Taco's.. With Other Thing's That This Restaurant... Doesn't Carry Apparently... And He Kept Telling Me That I Didn't Understand Him... I Did I Speak English And Spanish Flulently.. So He Kept Asking For Someone Else To Take The Order.. My Boss And The Bully Came Over To Help.. I Have Never Had These Issue's At My Old Environment.. But Here It's Insane... And Alot Of My Co-worker's Don't Do Much Yet Continually Talk Bad About Me... Because I Was Trained To Litterly Do Everything.. And Now I've Been Downgraded To Patio... Lobby Restroom's Parking Lot.. And I'm The Experienced One.. The New Hire's Mess Up Order's.. But Never Get Yelled At I'm The Only Punching Bag.. I Don't Desevere This Kind Of Treatment.. And I Don't Ask For Any Day's Off Or Vacation Time.. Because I Have Just Gotten Here.. And Yet All These New People Are Given Vacation Time Etc.. Double Standard's.. I Over Stay My Limit To Go Home All The Time... But This Lady Is So Needy Of Me... Like Train Other People What I Do.. I'm Only 1 Person... I Litterly Can't Be Everywhere At A Fast Pace.. And I Get Yelled At For Pacing Myself.. " × #WhatIGoThroughDaily #Depression ☆☆SKADI ☆☆