I struggle to maintain good hygiene. I am in some strange unrecognizable place. I know the tools I can even give some fairly good advice. This strange place that I am in I can't cream full-on depression but I don't suppose I could claim that I am in a completely healthy state of mine either. I get up with good intentions but somehow the day gets away from me. Before I know it it's bedtime and then I feel too tired. I eventually make myself it's not like I go for weeks. Maybe only just a few days if I have nowhere to go. Today on my Facebook someone shared a Tik Tok they said people like me should be shot they showed a rat cleaning itself. They said if the rat could clean itself then so could you. There are no excuses they said. This 1 video Hit me hard. Now I'm just feeling terrible about myself and trying hard to figure out what my problem is. I know I'm not alone because someone else shared something similar earlier only I was too embarrassed to comment. I should have participated I should have been open an authentic then. But I wasn't so I am being vulnerable and authentic now. Not only did it make me feel bad about myself but I screamed internally you just don't understand. But I figured there was no sense in making comment about depression and mental illness and showing compassion for it. #BipolarDisorder #checkinonme #Shame #MajorDepression #CPTSD #authenticity #Conqure The Mind #whatmoodisthis