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Honesty, Truth, Authenticity, Acceptance

Sometimes there will be a theme that comes up for me throughout a period of time. Today's recurring theme has been Truth.

The day began with providing my partner with some peer support. They needed reminding of the Truth of how things are, and to be reminded of the Truth of who they are. We discussed radical acceptance and living authentically.

After lunch, I had a workshop on the Seven Sacred Teachings offered to us by indigenous peoples across the continent. Today's teaching was honesty, to others, to ourselves, in relation to reality, and in relation to our spiritual path and guides. Speaking and living and acting in Truth.

Before dinner, I chose to watch a nostalgic kid's movie about an important car race. One of the characters meditates on desert hill between races, seeking guidance from his ancestors. He receives a vision, an elder who speaks to him and warns him of a danger in his path. The man believes this danger to be a physical threat and continues with caution. After the next race, he goes to meditate and the elder comes to him again. When he asks the elder what the danger was, the elder replied, "The greatest danger of all is to see only what you want to see, and not what is true."

Does this theme of honesty and truth resonate for anyone else today?

And does this ever happen to you? Do you recieve thematic lessons from the universe, etc?

#MentalHealth #Spirituality #Truth #honesty #RadicalAcceptance #authenticity

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Showers and honesty

I struggle to maintain good hygiene. I am in some strange unrecognizable place. I know the tools I can even give some fairly good advice. This strange place that I am in I can't cream full-on depression but I don't suppose I could claim that I am in a completely healthy state of mine either. I get up with good intentions but somehow the day gets away from me. Before I know it it's bedtime and then I feel too tired. I eventually make myself it's not like I go for weeks. Maybe only just a few days if I have nowhere to go. Today on my Facebook someone shared a Tik Tok they said people like me should be shot they showed a rat cleaning itself. They said if the rat could clean itself then so could you. There are no excuses they said. This 1 video Hit me hard. Now I'm just feeling terrible about myself and trying hard to figure out what my problem is. I know I'm not alone because someone else shared something similar earlier only I was too embarrassed to comment. I should have participated I should have been open an authentic then. But I wasn't so I am being vulnerable and authentic now. Not only did it make me feel bad about myself but I screamed internally you just don't understand. But I figured there was no sense in making comment about depression and mental illness and showing compassion for it. #BipolarDisorder #checkinonme #Shame #MajorDepression #CPTSD #authenticity #Conqure The Mind #whatmoodisthis

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A Funny Meme


Sometimes you need to laugh. Especially when it comes to mental health and working. It sounds strange to some, but there are times where you have to focus on the things that really are truthful.

Such as the photo above, a good laugh about a concept like someone telling you to have fun at work. Sometimes work can be fun, but sometimes it really is not. But! That's OK. Everything happens for a reason.

You will have #Gooddays and #Baddays but that is alright. Everyday can be just a day, and eventually whatever it is you're experiencing that day will pass. It's often times sad, but other times happy. But regardless of whatever emotion you're experiencing.. eventually things will boil down to just "I am OK"

So laugh today.
Cry if you need to.

Just Be You.


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What does #authenticity look like to you?

#CPTSD #PTSD #MentalHealth #DID #osdd #dissociativedisorders #DissociativeIdentityDisorder #LifeAfterTrauma #letstalkaboutmentalhealth

We have stated that our system’s goal is authenticity in all areas of life, but we realized that this is a really vague concept. What does that even mean or look like?

Until very recently, we thought of authenticity as how others view us, but this is completely outside our control. We cannot, nor should we, try to base our happiness on others’ opinions. We would never achieve our goals.

We had it backwards.

Instead, we think Authenticity is about how we chose to interact with the world and those around us. It’s about setting clear, firm, and heathy boundaries, then maintaining them.

So what does that *look* like?

It looks like using our individual voices instead of covering them up. It looks like letting the #littles dress how they want and dare people to say something about it. It looks like referring to ourselves as “we” or “us” in normal conversations and not worrying about what people think.

We can’t control the thoughts and opinions of others, but we can control our own thoughts and behaviors. And that’s Authenticity.

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Where My Mind Is (15)

Remember to not be so hard on yourself. You have done so well. You continue to do your best. It is enough. It is always enough. Work on being friends with yourself. We are all very good at self loathing, thinking negatively about who we are and easily point out every single flaw we see within ourselves. Nothing helpful comes from that, all we do is make ourselves feel terrible and inadequate compared to others. In reality, we stand on our own. There is no need to compare. We each are our own unique individual. We should be living life being our authentic self. It is sad that we spend so much time being anything other than that. Take it easy and be kind to yourself. Things aren’t easy, you’re working hard and you’re fighting as much as possible. Keep your head up and continue to move forward. You are doing amazing.

Sending you strength, love and positivity.


#MentalHealth #Disability #ChronicPain #ChronicIllness #RareDisease #Parenting #DistractMe #CheckInWithMe #Reflection #Positivity #authenticity #WhereMyMindIs

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Lying to the World About My True Self

This is a truth that took much spiritual travel, sleepless nights, and pockets full of anxiety to get to.

Living as a false self, lying to the world (and myself), pretending, putting on a brave face, being who the world expected me to be...was perhaps easier, softer, safer. At least on the outside.

But my insides (my secrets, my longings, my pain) were in airtight lockdown. I was too afraid to be real.

Inauthenticity is really self-denial at it's best and self-hatred at it's worst.

How can you love what you deny? Impossible.

I wanted more than anything to be heard. Seen. Known.

But I had wrapped myself up in too many layers of protection and stripped down my emotions until I was numb.

And in doing so, I couldn't truly get close to anyone. Not the way I yearned to.

But the journey I was on that had me in the valleys was the same path that would bring me to level ground again, and eventually, miraculously, to heights I never could've imagined.

I had to keep shedding things as I walked, crawled, and clawed my way along. I had to drop the baggage I was dragging in the dirt behind me, leaving a cloud of blackness. Boots of preservation meant to kept my feet dry and me surviving only ended up stomping my aliveness down.Feelings of unworthiness. Regrets of things I had said and done. Versions of myself that were not truly me. Coats of self-protection. Blankets of anxiety and panic.

I had to drop it all and stare unblinkingly at my naked soul. It was the only way to I knew of to finally be heard and seen and known......

to finally fully hear and see and know myself.

Once I got to that place deep inside, I could no longer not be true to myself.

And once you are true to yourself, you cannot be false to anyone else.

#RealTalk #authenticity #realself #Anxiety #Healing

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