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¿ " So I Find It So Funny That Everytime I Deal With A Male Customer This Happen's " ? #wierd #funny

° " So The Other Day A Customer Who I Haven't Seen In Awhile Came Into The Restaurant... And We Talked For A Bit... And My Boss Noticed That My Favorite Customer Was Very Attractive.. So More Customer's Showed Up So I Couldn't Give Him His Order Personally. I Alway's Tend To Customer's That I See Regularly. I Litterly Call Them My Favorite Customer's.. Now This Guy Is Very Nice And Tall Very Goodlooking Etc... But What I Find Funny Is That My Boss. And My Other Female Co-worker's.. Would All Of The Sudden Want To Serve And Take My Customer's Thier Order's To Them.. Listen I Litterly Have Like 3 Regular Men That Specifically Vist To Our Restaurant To Come See Me And Ask For Me... Because They Like How I Treat Them With Kindness.. My Other Co-worker.. The Bully Litterly Doe's The Drive-Thru And She's Verbally And Rudly Abusive To Her Customer's All The Time... So Now I Do Drive-Thru And Front Of The House.. When Needed Lol. These Chick's Can't Put On A Charm Or Be Nice.. And Then They Wonder Why I'm The Popular One. That Customer's Perfer... " ° ~ S.K. #Work

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