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I feel like I want to disappear into dissociation.

The calling to that old familiar numbness is so inviting. I let myself slip a little, in and out of presence, teetering, just on the edge.

The edge.

And there it is again. That hyper-aroused state, begging me to jump in without looking, to go Full Speed Ahead, without slowing down.

But this is also the edge! Like a train, I have the potential to miss the mark, to propel myself forward, rolling through the stop, breaking under pressure, catching myself only after it's too late.

It's a struggle. One I am becoming conscious of, which seems to do nothing but add to my plight.

I'm trying so hard to avoid THAT PLACE. A place so visceral, so filled with terror. A place in which there are no words, no matter how hard I look for them. A place where even fear forgets its own name. A place I know far too well.

And I know I have to go there, I have to face the wordless, vacuous space that seems to surround me and fill me with a dread that cannot be described.

Don't move!

It's fascinating how much effort goes into being still. The pressure of it burdens every fiber of my body.

I feel frozen--unable to move. The numbness finds me again, and I surrender.