#Depression #worstmomever #thestruggleisreal #ihatemyself #whyme #ijustwanttofeelbetter #iwanttogiveup
I just blew up on my little one for no reason last night. I threw everything in the room and started crying and told the kiddo that the room was a mess and why? I also said that my kiddo was ungreatful for everything and spoiled rotten. I didn't realize how much my kiddo is going through too not being in school. I feel horrible for everything I did last night. I feel 90% of the time that I'm not doing things right. That I'm lazy and I need to do more. I need to be a better person. But, if I show my kiddo stupid things like that how is the kiddo going to be a better person to? I'm struggling so bad right now. I just don't feel like life is worth it right now. 😟 Thanks for listening