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Toxic Friends Who Make Us Feel Worthless

I am new here. I wish good luck to everyone who has to cope with life's difficulties and health problems.

I've cut a lot of friends out of my life lately.I have now discovered that they are toxic..I generally wonder about my friends. I ask if they are okay...But they (most of them) only contact me to help them..I only come to their mind when they are in trouble or have a problem..Few people around me really care about how I am..In order to prove that I exist, I have to share something on WhatsApp, that is, I have to say "I'm here.. hey do you see me?"I don't do that either..I refused to join this craze of ostentatiousness..And when I let things go, I saw that all my friendships were actually forwarding through my efforts.. and I stopped effort and I was left alone. I realized that I have no real friends around me..I decided to experience real loneliness instead of living in a lie and one-sided crowd.I'm happier this way. I learned to spend time with myself and love myself.🌷

Note: My English is not very good, I usually use translation. I hope I was able to explain my problem.😀 #toxicfriends #eigenvalue #Selfesteem #Depression #youarevaluable

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No breaks from severe pain. #severepain

I wish others understood, that there are many of us, who live with unrelenting, severe pain. We don’t know what it’s like to feel less pain. We push harder than others can imagine, and want some relief, in order to truly pursue our goals. My pain management clinic just dropped me, creating disastrous results. Giving up isn’t an option, and I pray that none of you will, either. You’re valuable to God, to all those around you, and deserve respect, regardless of what happens in your body. #youarevaluable #persist