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I am a Gastroparesis Warrior

It's getting close to the last few days of Gastroparesis Awareness. Had a telephone appt with my GI specialist. Time to schedule with a colorectal surgeon. Not saying that I need surgery, but I need some kind of help. It's all in the life of a Gastroparesis patient. 💚💪🏽
#YourHealthMatters #gpwontsilenceme #oleyambassador #gastroparesisawareness


No More Medical Gaslighting!!

Just read, or should I say, listened to, a great article on medical gaslighting. It explains it the best I've ever heard. Many do not even realize what's happening when dr's are dismissive. Women and ethnic minorities are more likely to encounter this. If you do, find another dr. Do not let that dismissive dr, cause you to prolong the proper diagnosis, or overlook your symptoms.


Women Are Calling Out ‘Medical Gaslighting’

Studies show female patients and people of color are more likely to have their symptoms dismissed by medical providers. Experts say: Keep asking questions.
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Why Your #mentalhealthmatters

Taking good care of your mental health is just as important as taking care of your physical and spiritual health. #YourHealthMatters