Here's November's #MightyPoets Poetry Prompt

You can now share your poetry or poetry you love on The Mighty.

November’s Poetry Prompt: “It’s #TheLittleThings…”

If you’re struggling with your health, it might be challenging to find the little things in your day-to-day life that make those struggles more bearable. Sometimes symptoms of health conditions and illnesses make the little things harder to accomplish. Or maybe you appreciate the little things more because of the experiences you’ve had.

That is why for November’s poetry prompt, we’re asking you to share you’re poetry about #TheLittleThings. Because poetry can sometimes help us find and remember even the smallest silver lining in difficult situations, or process through all the little things that are challenging but might get overlooked by others.

It's #TheLittleThings... #MightyPoets

See the full poem here.

We mighty share your “It’s #TheLittleThings…” poems throughout the month of November on our social media channels.

Here are some of our previous month’s poetry prompts:

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Here’s How to Post Poetry on The Mighty:

Start by selecting the Post button in the navigation bar.

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  1. In the Post menu, choose Post a Thought. This will open a pop-up window.
  2. If you want, add a title for your Thought in the Title field. Make sure to include the hashtag #MightyPoets.
  3. Write your poem in the Your Thought field.
  4. Don’t forget to include hashtags related to your poem (#MentalHealth, #ChronicIllness, #RareDisease, #Depression, etc.). Including hashtags in your post will make it more likely that the people who follow that topic get to see what you share. Start by typing # then type the hashtag you want to use. You can select an existing hashtag or create your own.
  5. When you’re finished writing your poem and adding your hashtags, select the Post button inside the pop-up window to finish sharing your Thought.
  6. You’ll find your poem in your Profile. People who follow you and people who follow any hashtags you used will see your Thought in their Mighty Homefeed.

poem by Erika Wilson

Your poem may be shared on The Mighty’s Pinterest, TumblrTwitter, Facebook or Instagram account.

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