I forced myself out the house on the weekend to harvest the first of the wild garlic crop in nearby Castle Combe. We also stocked up on cow parsley and fresh pine shoots for tea. It’s said to help with a sore throat, which I can certainly use right about now after all the antibiotics I’ve been taking to try and eradicate my B. Hominis. I caught it about 10 years ago but the doctors didn’t even bother testing for it though I had chronic diarrhoea for several months on and off. Finally, I’ve managed to get the antibiotics recommended on the Bad Bugs website from Australia, which I highly recommend reading if you suffer with IBS, as I had no idea that I actually had two kinds of amoebic parasites which have been fermenting in my stomach, causing leaky gut, and stealing my nutrients for several years now!

Pugmix The Duke wasn’t exactly pleased with the wild garlic foray—bit too stinky for his liking—but we wandered over to a nearby stream and he was quite taken with the small waterfall which I captured him staring at in curiosity. Energised from his swim, he had himself a quick romp through the field before heading home for a nice traditional Sunday roast for us, and some raw duck for The Duke cause Duck Tales make his dreams come truuueeee, whooh oh 🎶

Oh and true story, I was today years old when I found out that You Make My Dreams Come True and Duck Tales are separate songs, albeit with a very similar melody 😆

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