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Here's February's #MightyPoets Poetry Prompt

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February’s Poetry Prompt: What #selflove means…

What self-love means

February is often known as the month of “love.” That’s why we’re partnering with Patricia Wheeler — poet and mental health advocate — and writing poems about loving ourselves.

She says, “We often compare ourselves to other people; whether it be our bodies, careers or relationships. We always talk about loving others and being kind to others, but what about doing that for ourselves? No matter what you’re struggling with, you can always choose to love yourself for exactly who you are.”

We’re sharing a poem Patricia (Trish) wrote below for some inspiration! It’s about loving your body for exactly how it is. Trish has struggled with an eating disorder for over 10 years, and she says, “This even helps me on days when I start having negative thoughts about my own self-image.”

Make sure to check out Trish’s Instagram page — @empathypoetry — and follow her on The Mighty to help spread hope to others.

Patricia Wheeler's self-love poem

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