Do you try to do a Graditude Journal?
I have an app on my phone. I have gotten behind on using it, sadly. I was trying to make it a habit to find the #goldenlining in everyday... #nomatterhowsmall .
This is what we are trying to do with our kids. With behavior, no matter how small a good behavior is... if you praise them for doing that good behavior... they are less likely to act up badly because they aren't getting attention like when they are behaving in the good way.
It takes about #21days to form a #newhabit . #Consistency is also key. #Makingtime for it #daily ... can be hard when busy. That is what happen to me. Emergencies in the family happened and it totally slipped my mind for quite a while now and #Stress paired with #Anxiety moved in with a bit of #Depression .
#Whatadistraction !