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#share your accomplishments with me! lets find the positive in the negative! :D #Positivity

Life is rough & it's very easy to lose focus of all that you've managed to accomplish, specially when everything feels like it's working against you.

I want you to tell me some good things you've accomplished or are accomplishing, so I can remind you how awesome you are!!! :D

When you're feeling overwhelmed, do something healthy to vent & get all the negative feelings out.

This could be journaling, talking to a friend or loved one or even scribbling on a piece of paper until your arm falls off. Just get those negative feelings out as much as possible in the healthiest manner.

Then, follow up with a positive action, to bring positive feelings into yourself. My favorite one is making a list of positive things that have recently happened or are currently happening.

I'll give you an example.

I'm going through a rough time, but since I've allowed myself to vent in a healthy way (a post on here! :D), it's time to list some good & positive things that have been happening to me.

I normally do this in my journal, but since it's helped me stay grounded, I thought I'd share this practice with you guys (:

~I decided on which college I'm applying to

~I decided & am 10000% sure of my major

~I gathered all necessary documents for college & confirmed I qualify for application

~I'm currently working on my application letter

~I have a realistic plan to attend & pay for college

~I studied basic music theory & music production

~I rebranded & launched new music

~I consistently work on music, whether audio or lyrical, every day

~I'm comfortable working on a program that once use to drive me to tears

~I've been consistent with my medication I'm on a medication that actually works & I feel 100% myself on!

there's plenty more, but the goal is to list things that are most current & gradually continue until you feel a genuine state of joy, gratitude, clarity or mixture those, no matter how small it is.

this consistent practice helps me stay focused on my goals & the bigger picture. it's great tool if you have difficulty keeping grounded or a clear perception of reality when highly stressed (:

I hope this helps & I hope you have a great day!

#Journaling #Bipolar #BPD #Depression #Anxiety #Stress #coping #Consistency #Tips

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Do you try to do a Graditude Journal?
I have an app on my phone. I have gotten behind on using it, sadly. I was trying to make it a habit to find the #goldenlining in everyday... #nomatterhowsmall .
This is what we are trying to do with our kids. With behavior, no matter how small a good behavior is... if you praise them for doing that good behavior... they are less likely to act up badly because they aren't getting attention like when they are behaving in the good way.
It takes about #21days to form a #newhabit . #Consistency is also key. #Makingtime for it #daily ... can be hard when busy. That is what happen to me. Emergencies in the family happened and it totally slipped my mind for quite a while now and #Stress paired with #Anxiety moved in with a bit of #Depression .
#Whatadistraction !