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I took the ambulance from school last month #Ambulance #Trauma

Last month has been a lot for me. Especially since I got an ambulance called on me when I was at school. It was really hard on me since the day prior I've been having a fallout with my now ex.

The ambulance staff were very mean as they kept say that I was playing games. And to top that all the test came back normal.

Unfortunately all of this was a wake up call to how serious all of this is. Hopefully this explains why I haven't been active.

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Iv had a alot of thought about this, more then ever now! I love my job as a frontline icu covid nurse 😍 and even when there's not a pamdemic! Its all iv known, since i started in care home as a senior when I was 18, and gradually move upwards and onwards on my path. But today IV SIGNED UP TO BECOME A PARAMEDIC! I will be still working as a nurse till I pass my biomedical and science and passed my tone licence! But I can't wait to start my new journey and as a 25 year old I'm ever so grateful for the opportunities 🙌 🙏 and being lucky enough to do what I do.
#YORKSHIRE #Ambulance


Volunteer EMT #EMT #Paramedic #EMS #First responder #Ambulance

#CheerMeOn today I finished my paperwork associated with becoming a volunteer emt!! Tomorrow I turn in the paperwork then get my pager, gear and all that!! I’ll keep y’all posted! I’m so excited! #MedicalProfessionals

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