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I'm new here!

I'm 61, retired firefighter/paramedic. Married for the 3rd time almost a year ago. Third time is the charm, right? 2 boys from the first marriage, now 36 and 34. 12 years ago my world flipped upside down finding out my 2nd wife was pregnant after both of us had procedures to prevent. Yep. He was born at 23 weeks. 1 lb oz and 13". Spent months in the NICU with 4 surgeries. Mildly moderate cerebral palsy. Everything good until he was 7. Mom left us both. He is now 12, 13 next month. My wife is great with him. My oldest son took after me and became a paramedic. After 18 years effective yesterday, he had to hang it up due to PTSD. We have been having nothing but problems with my 12 year old's teachers this year. Bringing out the big guns now. That's all for now.

#firefighter #Paramedic #PTSD #CerebralPalsy

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is Emily! I'm here because this seems like a wonderful platform to bring people living with disabilities together. This platform was suggested to me by someone in one of the chronic illness groups I am apart of on Facebook. I wrote a short piece about what my experience with POTS is like and how I feel about having a “hidden disability”. I thought you guys might enjoy it too☺️ Here’s the link:
Hidden Disabilities - Emily Fleming #MightyTogether #Anxiety #Depression #ADHD #PTSD #POTS #Paramedic #hiddendisabilities #ChronicIllness #chronic

Hidden Disabilities - Emily Fleming

My journey to self actualization

#Part2 #EMT #Paramedic #Emergency

My best friend came back and then disappeared again and blocked me on every social media telling that in our relationship I was the only one believing in it.

After that famous night and after what happened with the colleague that tried approached with me, I developed some plants allergies.
Those plants were present during my hard times with him because we are in a country town so it is full of flowers and plants.
Anyway, later on I became to isolate (not for my willings but for situations) from everyone and now I feel very lonely.
I need to speak up, I need to tell everyone my story but I am able to do only in a language that it’s not my native one.
So, here’s my story.
I hope that someone would read it.
Please, if you notice one of your colleagues or your friends that seems so silent and so frightened to report with other colleagues please help him/her.
Don’t tell him/her to stay silent.
It’s very harmful.

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Iv had a alot of thought about this, more then ever now! I love my job as a frontline icu covid nurse 😍 and even when there's not a pamdemic! Its all iv known, since i started in care home as a senior when I was 18, and gradually move upwards and onwards on my path. But today IV SIGNED UP TO BECOME A PARAMEDIC! I will be still working as a nurse till I pass my biomedical and science and passed my tone licence! But I can't wait to start my new journey and as a 25 year old I'm ever so grateful for the opportunities 🙌 🙏 and being lucky enough to do what I do.
#YORKSHIRE #Ambulance


Volunteer EMT #EMT #Paramedic #EMS #First responder #Ambulance

#CheerMeOn today I finished my paperwork associated with becoming a volunteer emt!! Tomorrow I turn in the paperwork then get my pager, gear and all that!! I’ll keep y’all posted! I’m so excited! #MedicalProfessionals

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