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I feel stuck and #depressed . Still living at home, finishing a degree in School Counseling, causiously optomistic on finding work with my degree, and have a burning ambition to act. Before COVID-19, I had a routine of going to campus to exercise and hang out. I had a few background acting jobs, went to improv class weekley, and felt my life had meaning...I felt that I was moving forward in life.

Now...I stay close to home to avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19. I am a #UlcerativeColitis patient and take immunosupressents to manage manage my immune system (haha). I feel isolated, stuck, and angry most of the time. I want to move out of the country for a few years...but I don't see this happening son because of COVID-19 and the individual in chief who could improve as a leader here in the USA.

I know I am not a lone in my feelings and experience. #COVID19 #Depression #amidoingenough


2 High Anxiety Kids

I have a 14 yr. old struggling with anxiety/depression for past 5 years. First year of high school this year, very difficult. He attempted suicide a month before school. My daughter is experiencing PTSD from it (diagnosed). My son is on his second med change, still not well. My daughter cant sleep unless 14 year old is with me. Feeling like I am running out of steam. All therapy, school, medical appt's are on me. I suffered a severe concussion 10 months ago and just wonder if I can keep up as long as they need me. #runningoutofenergy #amidoingenough #high #supportforparents

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