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    My saviour

    This is my toy poodle he had a stroke and I lost my leg around same time so we helped each other love him so much 🐩power
    #PTSD #Anxiety #Depression #Amputation #Animals #Disability


    Hero stories about people with physical disabilities who inspire others every day #CheerMeOn #Disability   #Amputation   #ChildhoodDisorders

    Hello! I am on a mission to find individuals living with physical disabilities who are willing to share their #stories with me and #empower others. If you are a family member of a child with a physical disability or you live with a disability yourself, I'd love to hear from you. I am particularly interested in #limbloss cases, but other physical differences are welcome!

    Why? Because I want to turn my start-up company, ExpHand Prosthetics (, into a powerful communication channel for empowerment. I want to share real stories of real people, so I need your input.


    Chronic illnesses

    I just found this page its linds late here but I thought I'd let you know what going with me #Lupus #Diabetes type 1 #Amputation
    I'll say more tomorrow take care n be strong #Spoonies

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    Physical pain #Diabetes #Amputation #physicalpain

    I’ve got a lot of pain going on in both my foot as well as in Forest Stump. (That’s what I call my right leg after the foot was amputated.) The pain in the foot is constant and tops at at about 7. The pain in my stump comes and goes but will sometimes be an 8 or a 9. It is the hardest of the two to deal with.

    I’ve been laying in bed a lot trying to keep both elevated. When the pain is crashing through my 1/2 leg, it can get pretty unbearable. I’ve taken some Tylenol and the stump just laughed at it.

    I never thought I’d still be having this kind of pain three and a half years after the RBK amputation

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