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The School bus shortage makes me feel like a bad parent since I can’t drive. #depression #mentalhealth #Dyslexia #LearningDisabilities

I found out in my thirties that I suffer from dyscalulia which is a math dyslexia. It can effects one’s ability to drive, sense of direction (directional dysfunction), and memory ect. I have bad memories of me missing the bus because I couldn’t remember where I was parked at school. I would even forget the number of the bus. I felt so unintelligent. I was so ashamed and embarrassed. Now it’s like those feelings of sadness have reserfaced through the nationwide school bus shortage. This school year is my kiddos first time ever riding the bus. Before we relocated we lived within walking distance to their school and therefore walked. When we moved I was filled with so much anxiety about their first time riding a bus to school that I literally stayed up all night. I was exhausted when I woke them up to get ready for their first day at a brand new school. They were as nervous as I was and ended up vomiting in class. I was called by the school nurse to pick them up. I ended up hauling an Uber to do that. I know that people with disabilities are in fact able to learn to drive. I actually have my drivers license but I never use it. Since I have trouble with remembering my left and rights, which say to go to get home, and experienced a car accident which was my fault. I adopted a car-free lifestyle. Now, my husband drives but, he works two towns over. And while the kids are in school we are without a vehicle. I don’t know what to do because their school bus have been having numerous days when they aren’t providing transportation. I am new to the area therefore I have zero friends and I don’t know the new neighbors. Luckily today the school counselor will be picking my kids up today for school. But, they informed me that I will have to figure out how they will be getting to and from school when the bus isn’t running. I wish that I lived somewhere with transport options but we live in a small town. I hope to move to Chicago or San Francisco where transportation is plentiful. Please send me good vibes because I feel horrible for not being able to provide my kids rides to school or any after school activities that they are interested in like gymnastics or birthday 🎉 parties. #PTSD #ChildhoodDisorders

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Last Year Marked 20 Years since I first tried to take my life. I wanted to write that twelve year old a letter

Dear Audrey,

This letter is a long time coming, a long time of struggle and success, of unrequited love and true love. Of discovery and longing and contempt. Of happiness and sadness. But you make it and will overcome all obstacles. And now all that's left is a letter between good friends.

Audrey, I wish I could have been there with you and guided you through it all. I wish I could have been your voice of reason and the hand that stopped you even before that morning dawned. I would have told you about all the wonderful things you are capable of and how many faces smile because of you. I would have shown you that you were not and are not alone. That the sadness subsides, always subsides and happiness is a closer friend. That the bullying wasn't forever and that life gets better. Life has a funny way of laughing when we're down, but we don't give in, we grab it by the scruff of its neck and scream. Because we are worth more.

Little Audrey, this letter comes to you during a strange time when you are experiencing new thoughts and feelings. Everything is twisted and on its head, you are hearing voices, but you can't let the voices win. That's the Bipolar talking and that is one nasty bitch. If it was up to it you'd be dead thinking that you spared your family a burden. When in actuality you would be breaking them.

So stay strong little Audrey, you are destined for great things and no sadness is permanent, no misery worth the power you give it. We are all in this together.

All our love,


#Depression #SuicideAwareness #BipolarDepression #ChildhoodDisorders #Hope #Love


Hero stories about people with physical disabilities who inspire others every day #CheerMeOn #Disability   #Amputation   #ChildhoodDisorders

Hello! I am on a mission to find individuals living with physical disabilities who are willing to share their #stories with me and #empower others. If you are a family member of a child with a physical disability or you live with a disability yourself, I'd love to hear from you. I am particularly interested in #limbloss cases, but other physical differences are welcome!

Why? Because I want to turn my start-up company, ExpHand Prosthetics (, into a powerful communication channel for empowerment. I want to share real stories of real people, so I need your input.


Depression since childhood #Depression

Has anyone else ever had depression since childhood and felt like we didn't lose a personality because we hadn't had time to build one in the first place?

I'm new here, so forgive my overuse of hashtags or if some don't have complete correlation to the question. Thanks.

#ChildhoodDisorders #Depression #hollow #overthinking #overthinkingtodeath


"Self-Care for Medical Parents" Newsletter

Here is a link to my second newsletter "Self-Care for Medical Parents! " I have learned much since the days of putting myself last and hope to encourage other parents with self-care. https : // #Caregiving #Caregivers #selfcare #selfcareformedicalparents
#medicalmoms #ChronicIllness #ChildhoodDisorders #MedicallyComplexChild #ParentingAChildWithAGeneticCondition #


My first post PART 2 #Anxiety #Depression #abandonment #ChildhoodDisorders

I just wanted to tell you that it really bothered me when you told me “you guys need learn how to cope with your shit” I think that I would be doing a disservice to myself if I didn’t try to explain it better.
I will give you some background about myself.
As you probably knew I grew up in a very broken environment.
I have experienced a lot of childhood trauma that I would never wish on anyone.
Some things I can talk about & there are some things I won’t tell anyone because of how awful & painful it is to bring up.
I was constantly moved around as a kid, everyone always left, including my mother, eventually she’d come back (with a new boyfriend, & there were many), then leave again when shit went sour (meaning her boyfriend would end up in jail/prison, or the drugs were all gone). If I needed to get ahold of her, I would attempt to call her & she would ignore my calls for days on end. My mom would also go on benders & disappear.
I never had a steady home growing up, ever.
First time I was homeless was at 13 years old, I remember being so angry at my mother, we were in the car and she had went into the store(she always took forever because stores in Vegas have slot machines, she also had a gambling addiction). I forgot my shoes in the house we got evicted from & we could not grab our stuff at that moment, I had looked through the backpack I had to quickly pack when the police woke me up out of dead sleep and told me I had to leave my house, all I could find was two bandanas in this backpack, so I tied them around my feet, grabbed the few things I had & left my mother’s car & started walking to a friends house.
I luckily had some of the greatest friends who would let me stay at their houses and their parents would welcome me into their home.
Unfortunately it was always a vicious cycle of me couch hopping, my mother would finally get in contact with me telling me she found us a place to stay, but that always came along with a new boyfriend, new meth head friends, and promises that we won’t have to move again. Throughout these cycles I lost every thing that was ever mine, furniture, clothes, sentimental items, electronics, jewelry (that most likely my mom pawned). Which I think is why as an adult now I seem to enjoy any of my belongings more than a normal person would.
My upbringing was not easy. I suffer from abandonment issues, which makes me insecure about my relationships. I always think everyone will get tired of me & just leave. When things are going good, I get very anxious because I think something bad is going to happen. I have trust issues from constantly being lied to over the years. My mind is my worst enemy, but after the childhood trauma, neglect, abuse, abandonment, I am still learning how to cope with it as a 25 year old adult. My main point of writing this is when you say “learn how to cope with your shit” just know I am, I rose from the ashes of my broken childhood but with scars that will follow me forever


Why ADHD gets missed #Parenting#ADHD#ChildhoodDisorders

It’s true that the quickly understood ADHD symptoms are inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity; but not everyone with ADHD has those symptoms, and certainly not all 3 at once. Even within those categories the symptoms are varied, which is why kids often go undiagnosed.
For instance, let’s take inattention. For some kids that shows up in everyday life by losing things or forgetting them.  It could also mean making mistakes, difficulty in following directions or choosing not to engage in activities that take too much time.  It could mean they don’t seem to be listening or it could show up in the “shiny object” way—where they get distracted easily and move on to something else without finishing what they’re doing. On the other hand, it could be that they are hyper-focused and won’t stop something until absolutely finished.
Many “symptoms” are common in most kids. It’s called childhood—frontal lobe not fully developed, kids get bored easily, and shockingly some don’t listen too well or do their homework. So how CAN you tell?