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x Completed Two Massage Therapy Course's .. Now 1 More To Go.. x 🤓#AN Update 🦋

Almost Done...Now All I Need Is One More Class Course To Complete..Then On To My State's Exam 😤 Wish Me Luck Some More 🤓

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Never buy #AN old house unless you can afford the upkeep or

Do not care # They are very interesting and many people love them,but be sure to not pay cash and get a mortgage because a bank will never give you a mortgage for a disaster :-)) # hope I did that the right way ❓



Today, I’m going to see a new psychiatrist as the first one didn’t really help me...

I’m feeling very anxious about it. I used to have my partner to help calm me down but recently we ended things. I’ve been really down and numb this week because of it.

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling sad and mad, I cried myself back to sleep.. and I woke up this morning feeling numb . I’m so tired.

why I’m posting this here? because I have no one to talk to.... the only person I talk to ended things with me and I don’t feel comfortable talking to my family and I barely have any friends left.

#AN #Anxiety #Depression #MentalHealth


Been very suicidal #grieving #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #PTSD #AN

#DistractMe #NeedFriends trigger warning. I need help.lost my grandpa last week and my family has been pushing me to the physical limits for 15 days straight. I am from chicago and they are toxic telling me to stoo putting my illness int he way and focus on the family.its hard because he died in my gmas and my arms because he fell down the stairs(been living with them 13 years) . Be i have hmo bcbs group 447 and no one wants to perscribe anything for my mental health.i have no friends or supporting family.i been so self harming and suicidal recently.(been struggling since age 14 now 26) what would you do? I am also broke sonidk if i can just walk in to a clinic and idk how all that wotks.



I had a horrible outburst a couple days ago while I was out with my bf and his friends. I was really rude to my parents and left my house, my boyfriend let me crash at his place, him and his mom where so kind to me.
Now I feel so guilty because I was really mean to my parents my boyfriend was around me for the entire thing instead of just enjoying the night with his friends. I told him I wanted to kill myself, I couldn't stop crying, I just lost it. He's been SO supportive and loving to me, but I feel like it is exhausting to be around this and I should leave,I truly don't want to lose him, he is my best friend, we have this amazing connexion since day one, we've been trough so much. But maybe he'd be better off without me, he deserves better, he deserves a normal happy girl, just like him. Someone who can enjoy and have a good time with him.
I feel like a disaster, lost, so so anxious and scared.
#BPD  #AN   #Depression   #Relapse