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× " Living In A World With Chronic Debilitating Pain & Fatigue For A Lifetime " ×

× " Imagine Crying Yourself To Try And Get Some Much Needed Sleep. But Your Leg's Are On Fire With Shock's Of Constant Wave's Of Sharp Pin's & Needle's. Your Whole Body Is Paralyzed And Can't Get Out Of Bed In The Morning...I Suffer With Chronic Sleep & Tendinitis My Pain Level Range's From 6 To A 10 Then I Have To Go To The Hospital To Get Medical Attention.. When I Was A Child At 6 Year's Old. I Have Been Through Six Surgerie's. My Childhood Doctor Mulitated My Leg's My Tendon's Are Shortened For Unknown Reason's. So I Have One Leg Shorter Than The Other. And Then They Wanted To Do Back Surgery On Me Next. My Parent's Didn't Bother To Ask Question's 1st. Or Do Enough Research On #cerebral Palsy. It's Amazing To Me That I Haven't Ended Up A Drug Addict To Take Away This Pain...That I Have To Live With.. Lower Back Pain...Cramp's In My Leg's Painful Shock's At Night. Shaking...Tremor's In My Leg's...And Now My Hand's Are Starting To Have Tremor's...And Pain. My Memory Is Fading...And I'm Only 37 Going On 38...This Is Why I'm Never Happy And Fake It Till I Make It...With People In My Life. Here I Don't Have To Become Anything Else.. But The Mighty Master Poet That I Love Being.. Stretching Help's But Only Alitte...Medicine Meh Doesn't Do Anything... Unless It's Really Good. But I March On With My Life..And Not Let The Pain Destory My Inner Peace Of Small Happiness.. Sincerely, ☆ S.K. ☆ #AnInsight


× " The Family " × I'm Adoped # Topic#Depression #Anxiety

× " My Twin Brother & I Were Both Given Up For Adoption Newly Premature With Lack Of Oxygen In Our Brain's Etc. And Both Ended Up With #CP ( Cerebral Palsy ). Learning Disabilities Scoliosis Etc. My Brother Has All The Care That He Need's. I Had A Team Of 10 Specialist In Chicago. At The Time. But Now I'm Starting Over Thing's Are Not Granted Quickly. And People Don't Seem To Realize That At All.. Aka My Sibling's. They Have This Mantality That I Need To Work Myself To Death. Like I Can't I Have Already Did This At My Previous Employer. I Couldn't Do The Job. So I Left For My Physical x Mental Health. My Ex Let Me Stay Home. But Didn't Bother To Come Communicate To Me That I Needed To Get A Job. But Anyway's I Haven't Had A Job In 15 Year's. Do To All Of My Disabilitie's. (" Not Based On Laziness Or Unmotivated." ) So Now I Have A Part Time Job That I Love. I Work For ( T.C. ) Taco Cabana In TX. At $11 per hour. I Work 5 Days A Week. 2 Days Off. Yes I Asked For More Work Hour's. Because Of The Situation That I'm Currently Facing At The Moment. I Worked Last Night... Worked Today And Work On The Weekend. My Job Is Currently Short Staffed. So That's Why I Asked For More Work Hour's To Help Out. Sincerely, ☆ S.K. ☆ P. S. " I Know I Said That I Was Going To Take A Break But Here I'am Posting Lmfao."#AnInsight