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Issues with drugs and memory

I saw a post here on the Mighty recently about how common drugs affected memory, be it for hay fever or something else. The thing is this, a lot suppress symptoms and that means suppressing natural chemical transmitters in the brain and that can mean all messages. So you want to stop a headache? Well that can stop other messages getting through as well, affecting memory.

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I can see how anger sends you down because you are doing okay, then hit negativity from others which deflates your ego (how you feel about yourself - your positive side, which yes can be manically high). It's not just an emotional reaction but also a biochemical one, just like a high is. I feel shattered and scummy after getting angry from this and also the electrical discharge that used to send me crashing into migraines* in the past: the idea that this is therefore just an emotional reaction to failure, fails to acknowledge the way it messes up your body, not just your mind.

Migraines are electrical discharges in the same vein as epilepsy. An emotion might kick start it but the effect is more powerful than just a headache, reaction to light, sound and hyper-sensitivity in other sensory areas , including vomiting. Mind affects body and vice-versa.

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Share a piece of health advice that was actually helpful.

If you live with a chronic mental or physical illness, you’ve probably received unsolicited — and most likely unhelpful — advice. A lot of folks hear that someone lives with a chronic condition, mental illness, disability, etc., and they become determined to “fix” us or at least tell us about the magical supplement their barber’s niece’s college roommate’s aunt took that “cured” them. Whether the advice-giver genuinely has good intentions or just feels the need to spout unhelpful information, receiving unsolicited advice can be pretty darn annoying.

All that being said, there’s actually some good advice out there. That’s part of the reason why I’m so grateful for communities like The Mighty: I’ve learned so much about living with my health conditions from fellow spoonies! For instance, Mighty staffer @xokat introduced me to the Headache Hat (an ice pack that wraps around your head) in 2022, and it’s been a crucial component of my migraine self-care kit ever since.

Have you received any health advice that’s actually been helpful? If not, what advice would you give to someone else with your health condition(s)?

📰 P.S. Your answer may be used (anonymously) in a future Mighty newsletter!

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I give up

Only me. I hardly slept last night. Tonight. My main floor carbon monoxide detector kept going off. I took the batteries out. Then I fell asleep for about an hour and my second floor alarm was going off. I called the non-emergency fire department line. He told me to call 911. I did. They came, both detectors went bad at the same time. My basement detector and attic detector was not going off. Now to get back to sleep with my crazy headache that has been ongoing since June 2nd. Last night's self-harming did not help, since both places hurt now.

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Medical care too expensive

How many people have trouble affording the doctor? I literally had to cancel appointments because I already owe so much. My freaking deductible is $6000, which is just crazy. Some things covered before then but not much 🤦‍♀️. It is so frustrating. #Doctor #doctorappoinment
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