This was my second time within a couple of days taking this course again due to obviously not passing the test part. It's roughly a 3 hr course. I take today's test, I missed more than last time. Cursed at myself. When you don't pass, it takes you back to the beginning & locks the other parts. Good thing tho, I fast forward to the end of each video to make the time go faster. Get to the test part, I take a deep breathe & go. I finally passed. Thank God. Whole time tho, I'm watching the 30 minute timer. Getting more anxious. .. I know, I shouldn't of. Lol.

I've always had test anxiety. Goes back to as far as elementary school with those "timed" math quizzes. Would always get that anxious feeling in my stomach & my palms would get all sweaty. Heck, they still do when I have to take trainings for work. I wish I knew a way to calm my mind besides taking a deep breathe before each test I have to take in life. Would be so much better.

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