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Anxiety Overload!!! #Anxiety #testanxiety #FailureAnxiety

I have a very important test coming up that will help me land a job back in the career I left three years ago. My anxiety has been in check and I had been doing okay, but now it is amped up and out for vengeance. It is pushing everything out of my head that I already know and depression is teaming up to tell me that I can't do it and why should I because it will all go horribly wrong. I am struggling and actually had to take emergency medication before sitting down to study. I have a plan, great resources, and support, but the doubt monster is hitting me hard. Any tips for getting over the anxiety hump. I have been studying for about 20 minutes then taking a break to ease my mind and relax.


I want to get over my fear of driving

How did you overcome your fear of driving? #DrivingAnxiety , I want to take my drivers test again but I failed the first time and I have #fearoffailure and #testanxiety


Scored poorly on an exam (again) and need some cherrying up

Well, after my brain froze and did the usual test anxiety thing, even though I was at home, I got a 62/100. I was hoping that I at least made the mean but I didn’t. So now I’m beating myself up.

I am tired of studying and studying to be presented with a multiple choice exam and fail or get a D. I understand the material and then just second guess myself. Most people don’t even understand why I hate multiple choice exams. This was a biology test and it’s been a 6 months since I’ve taken an exam, I forgot how horrible it feels.

Now I’m remembering how it feels and am just tired of trying to do well on exams. Studying doesn’t even make a difference because I preform just as badly due to anxiety if I didn’t study and just wing it.

Anyway, two more exams this quarter to go! And now I have a reading response to write and 4 chapters to catch up on for a class!

#sad #depressed #Anxiety #Depression #CheckInWithMe #testanxiety #College #lowselfsteem

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Test Anxiety

This was my second time within a couple of days taking this course again due to obviously not passing the test part. It's roughly a 3 hr course. I take today's test, I missed more than last time. Cursed at myself. When you don't pass, it takes you back to the beginning & locks the other parts. Good thing tho, I fast forward to the end of each video to make the time go faster. Get to the test part, I take a deep breathe & go. I finally passed. Thank God. Whole time tho, I'm watching the 30 minute timer. Getting more anxious. .. I know, I shouldn't of. Lol.

I've always had test anxiety. Goes back to as far as elementary school with those "timed" math quizzes. Would always get that anxious feeling in my stomach & my palms would get all sweaty. Heck, they still do when I have to take trainings for work. I wish I knew a way to calm my mind besides taking a deep breathe before each test I have to take in life. Would be so much better.

#Anxiety #Depression #testanxiety #Article9 #Migraines #PTSD #CheckInWithMe #Chatspace

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suggestions for text anxiety????

hey all. my finals are coming around the corner and I have test anxiety. my test anxiety has been getting out of control during tests, making my brain freeze and my concentration is limited. I have extra time on tests and test in a quieter room away from the class. I work with our disability center on campus and have these accommodations. the issue is, I’m also sensitive to sound. I normally test with noise canceling earphones on but we aren’t allowed those during finals. so, besides what I’ve been doing, any suggestions that might help me take my mind or miraculously not hear the sound of the ticking clock behind me during finals? I’m pretty concerned. #testing #Anxiety #College #Finals #testanxiety


#Anxiety #testanxiety

Prayers and good thoughts would definitely be appreciated for me tonight and tomorrow. I’m headed back to my apartment tonight for school in the morning and I have to study for an algebra test. This is the fourth time (yes, you read that right) that I’ve taken this class and I HAVE TO PASS THIS CLASS which means I NEEED to pass this test. Just pass. I mean Ax’s get degrees guys. I just need to pass. I can tell you exactly how to do everything in class but doing it on paper is a completely different story so I really need all of the prayers I can get!!!



So I’m in my second year of college and I’m a music ed major. I’m really going through it right now because I HAVE TO HAVE ALGEBRA in order to graduate. My parents don’t know and only like one person knows about this, my boyfriend doesn’t even know. I just saw my final average and I failed AGAIN for the THIRD TIME. I’m such at a loss and I feel like the biggest disappointment ever and I just feel like dropping out and not going back. I want to tell my parents but I don’t have the heart to because they’ve created this standard for me to live up too. I’m supposed to be better and smarter than my other siblings and y’all I feel like I’m really screwing up my life and my education and I feel like I’m about to have a nervous breakdown. Please please help. I have no clue what to do. I’m thinking about taking it again in the summer at the campus by my house and taking a break from math next semester. I texted my flute professor and told her everything, I’m just waiting on a reply. AND YALL, I even passed MUSIC THEORY. I thought I was going to flunk out of that for sure. I was doing so well in math too. The last test I took I got an 82 on it. I mean I don’t know where I went wrong, I studied a lot. I even studied at work last night. I mean my average before my final was at a 63% and tell me how it went down to a 57%??? I didn’t even do THAT BAD. Test anxiety is a bitch and I feel awful about myself and I just want to break down and relapse. {most don’t know but I have self harmed for a while now, but I haven’t since February} So yeah those thoughts are like hey how you doing. Anyways. :-)

Thanks 4 coming to my ted talk

#Anxiety #testanxiety #Depression #MentalHealth #Selfharm


Am I the only one with testing anxiety? What are some ways to cope with test anxiety#Anxiety #testanxiety #School

It's the night before a test that is fifteen percent of my grade and all I can do is obsess over whether I know as much as I should and whether I'm on the right track and I need to know if I'm the only one who gets like this. I feel so alone in it.  If this is how I'm going to be all year, with every test, with everything expected of me, I don't see me making it.  I know I need to do this and I'm so close to graduating, but it's so hard.