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    Another friend gone # deathanddying # #Asbergers

    Mar was really a true friend. She's my stepson's adoptive mom and she loved him so much. He was the pride of her life. She and I had become very close, and were kinda sisters in that Sean's Mom position. We were both also cancer warriors and together with Amy, we made 3. And she was an ex of Rand's. I thought that would be so weird before I met Mar, but she welcomed me with wide open arms, and helped me to communicate better with both Sean and Rand who are both Aspberger's Syndrome withdrawal genius people.
    I'm going to really miss her advice in that aspect! She had SO MUCH MORE patience than I do. I worry, now, who will temper my frustration and exasperation. Mar was there. I'm going to miss her so.


    Why? #Autism #Asbergers

    Yesterday I felt like my differences could be my strengths. This morning, my sister said something, and I once again feel fundamentally broken.

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    A poem

    When kids don’t fit, doctors hand them a shoebox with a label inside, confined to that label and that box until they decide they are strong enough to step out. Don’t hand me anymore shoeboxes, I have enough labels to fill a closet. A closet that I can proudly say that I walked out of. After all, normal is nothing but a social construct put in place by society, it doesn’t exist. Why are we the freaks? Freak, geek, weird, oddball, all labels I can let fade away, I can carve myself a place in this world. #Autism #Asbergers #Anxiety #PanicDisorder #Selflove

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    Dear Evan Hansen #Autism #Asbergers #social anxiety #DearEvanHansen

    This is the Third time I’ve brought this up, and frankly the only reason why I have is because last weekend, I saw Dear Evan Hansen for the second time with a different person playing the lead Andrew Barth Feldman and I still stand by my opinion that he’s supposed to be on the spectrum, does anyone have any thoughts on that?

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    Dear Evan Hanson

    I’m wondering, Have a lot of people on here seeing the Broadway show dear Evan Hansen, and if so do you guys believe that Evan is either autistic or maybe on the asbergers spectrum, I can’t remember if I brought this up before, I saw The show last year with Taylor trench, end it seemed his portrayal of the character had a lot of the symptoms associated with it. I wonder if anyone else shares my opinion, I tried to spread the word of the importance of people seeing the show because of the topics it deals with #Asbergers #Autism #AnxietyDisorder