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#Depression #Anxiety #Fibromyalgia #atrial fibrillation

Today is one of those overwhelming, head won't stop, suicidal thoughts kind of day. Cancelled meeting up with a friend who has just split up with her boyfriend (again). Felt terrible for cancelling but she's made other plans. Forced myself to go out. I'm now in a local cafe feeling too overwhelmed to eat my dinner. Does anyone else feel that when I'm in I want to be out, when I'm out I want to be in?!!!
It's horrible and my head will not stop. Help!!!!

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Chronically ill single mom

I’m having a really hard time coping with being a single mom who’s sick almost every day. If it’s not a gastroparesis flare then it’s fibromyalgia or anxiety or tachycardia among other things. I struggle with feeling guilty that we can’t do the things the other kids do. I feel like it isn’t fair to my son. He says he used to it and he understands. I feel afraid, especially on the bad flare days, of how I’m going to take care of him and provide for him. And what kind of example is it if I’m in bed so much. Anyone else have experience with this? #Gastroparesis #Fibromyalgia #chronic headaches #Anxiety #Deprssion #atrial tachycardia