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What is your attachment style?

Have you ever heard about attachment style? It can be a powerful determinant of the ways in which we interact with others in a relationship and it is established in childhood depending upon the connection you had or didn't have with your primary caregiver. You can read more about it in this article:

Those of us who have experienced trauma often have a disorganized attachment style. I can vacillate between trusting others to isolating in just moments because my hyper vigilance kicks in.

Based upon these descriptions, can you isolate your attachment style? Are you secure, avoidant, ambivalent or disorganized? How does this manifest for you? Share below!

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Major breakthrough today

#attachmenttheory #FavoritePerson #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder So on Wednesday my therapist and I started doing work to figure out my attachment style and I thought ok thats cool, I'm just "Curious". We did the survey but didn't finish with the results so that is next week.
Well. I have BPD and an abusive FP. Very abusive, has been abusing me for almost 5 years. I've been trying for years now to cut contact with them but anyone with BPD and a FP knows its insanely difficult. They're pushing me away and I find myself falling head over heels to try to repair the friendship and win them back only to be met with them ignoring me for days on end or throwing cruel judgments my way about the serious progress I've made to better myself.
Well. I was just mindlessly googling BPD and FP articles to try to explain to my FP what it is I'm experiencing when I found one that talked about attachment styles associated with BPD. One article led to another and another and basically I'm so far down the rabbit hole!
I found info about fearful/unresolved attachment style and its connection to BPD and it all makes perfect sense. Its eye opening. I'm shocked that there is something that explains what it is I feel... I've been trying for years to figure it out. Now I know. Now everything comes together.