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    I have #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and today my friend who also has bpd told me I'm their favorite person.

    I have #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder and today my friend who also has bpd told me I'm their #FavoritePerson . Has anyone else experienced this? Also what does it mean for our relationship? Any opinions would be appreciated.



    I am about to be abandoned. It is something that is going to happen to all of the inner circle to teach us a lesson. before coming back…

    He knows about my abandonment issues. He already emotionally distanced himself. Physical is next where he will be gone for at least a month where he won’t talk to us. So we can see what it is truly like without him, since we all took him for granted.

    I am already on the verge of panic. I will be so very alone. Everything is my fault. This is what happens when I trust people and open up. I cannot breathe.

    At least I got a warning by someone else, otherwise it would have been soooo much worse…..and it is going to be bad enough.

    He knows this is my worst fear, him leaving.

    #Abandoned #fears #alone #panic #PanicAttacks #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FavoritePerson #Crying


    Favorite person….I hate having one.

    Today is just a struggle day. Whether it is from the anxiety, splitting, dysthymia with a current depressive episode, adhd, binge eating, abandonment…..couldn’t sleep last night because of anxiety. The few hours I did get, when I woke up the anxiety level was still high and I just wanted to cry. Okay…I have cried a few times. Any amount of tears is crying for me, I used to be, as my family called me, “a heartless bitch.” I miss being oblivious to feelings.

    Every since my male FP gained a new female friend…I always feel in flight or fight mode. Most days I can ignore it easily., others not so much. I feel like I’m being replaced. It doesn’t mean I feel like he will abandon me, but that he is putting someone over me.

    How I was taught love, is by attention. If you have someone’s attention they love you. If not? They don’t.
    #struggleisreal #hurting #Crying #Ugh #FavoritePerson


    BPD - favorite person

    I'd just like to know if anyone's favorite person is only in their heads.
    I have an alternative life in my head (this is the life/place I can go from reality, kind of a safe place in my imagination since I was 12). I have a person in this alternative imaginary life and I feel like I'm obsessed with him like he was real.
    Anyone has anything similar?

    #BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FavoritePerson


    FP’s new relationship

    My best friend is my favourite person and we’ve been dealing with that for years. She’s been in a relationship for a while now and it still makes me panic. I’m always afraid he’s going to become more important to her than I am and I won’t mean anything to her anymore. I’m happy for her but it also makes me incredibly insecure. Does anyone have any advice? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FavoritePerson


    Here’s my story. I met someone and she told me had BPD. I did a little research and found out what this really means. We work together. She wanted to have a friendship outside of work. Our first time outside of work, she told me she had feelings for me. I wasn’t taken back by it. In fact, I saw it as a compliment. I cared for her genuinely but not an intimate type of way…at first. Later on as we spent more time together, feelings started to develop…and quickly from us both. Only one problem. She was still in a relationship and I was facing issues with my Christian morals and what my family would think. I came out to my family and closest friends because I really loved her at this point. She broke up with her boyfriend. I thought she was my forever. Through the course of our relationship, she told me that I was her FP. She would constantly go from splitting on me to wanting to marry me. During this time I never stopped doing research on BPD because I love her and I just wanted to understand how to help her better. The good days were amazing. But the bad days…she would tell me how she feels convicted by God and how she didn’t know if being in a same sex relationship was a sin or not and would proceed to break up with me 3 different times in 3 months. In those 3 months I started cutting myself again. Cutting was something I thought I had grown away from and was on the right track with my mental health for almost a year. All this while, the ex boyfriend was still coming around and helping take care of her daughter (who isn’t biologically his). Both of our family’s were not accepting of us at all. I wasn’t welcome at her house and she wasn’t welcome at mine. Fast forwarding some more, I found out that she was cheating on me with her ex-boyfriend that she left for me. She was telling him the exact same things that she was telling me about her love for me. We are no longer together because of her choice to be together with him again because she felt her family loves him and that he is good to her and her daughter I loved her with every ounce in me but I don’t think she ever felt the same. We still work together for now. She will be starting another job soon. And we may never see each other again. I don’t have BPD but is it possible that she could be my FP too? I cant seem to let her go. I think about her constantly. Everything I feel, she is there and I don’t know how to stop from hurting like this. #Love #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #MentalHealth #emotional mental abuse #FavoritePerson #Fp


    How do you get over the loss of your favorite person? #BPD #Fp #FavoritePerson #Loss

    My favorite person, a former roommate with whom I fell madly in love with, decided to completely leave my life and cut all ties/blocked me almost 7 months ago.

    Since then, I didn't tried to contact her once but can't help but think about her almost everyday and it hurt a lot.

    I want to move on like she did, turn the page and go forward, but I can't seem to be able to, to let her go...

    How do I do it? It's one of the things currently making my life so miserable...


    Does anyone have a favorite person? It’s usually someone I just met, who I find fascinating? Is this a real feeling? #FavoritePerson


    Favorite Person

    Everyday i wake up early than everybody else in my house. I check my phone just to see if there is text from my favorite while knowing there isn't any. I go back and forth to open the chat for at least 10 times with anxiety. I can't hardly do anything else just keep holding my phone browsing things or do online shopping. I keep waiting for his text. I cannot call him, i'm afraid to bother him. #FavoritePerson #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety


    Is having a fp (favorite person) necessarily bad/unhealthy?

    I've been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years now and we have come a long way from me doubting his love and commitment. I've come to a point of wanting to take care of myself first and foremost, because I saw how much it hurt him to see me destroying myself little by little. It hurt me to see someone I love so much hurting that it made want to take care of myself.

    Having BPD along with depression and anxiety, I also never opened myself up to the possibility of even wanting to get married and have a familt because I felt far too broken. I knew anyone who gets too close to me would get hurt.

    But now being with my bf who no matter how many times I've pushed away but is still here, I am finally opening up myself to learning what it's like to love and be loved. He said he's always seen a future with me even when I didn't even entertain the idea of it yet and for once, I see a future for myself and I see it with him. And though I know the future is uncertain and my will to live is not solely dependent on whether or not we end up together, it is the one thing that's keeping me going. Knowing that being with this wonderful person for the rest of my life is a possibility. And I have to put in my effort of taking care of myself to make it to that day that we get married. After living half of my life wanting and trying to die, I finally have something to hope for and even just the possibility of it is enough for me to want to stay alive.

    My psychiatrist told me that BPD is often related or caused by interpersonal trauma and ironically, is best managed by building healthy relationships.

    But..I've recently been reading people say that wanting to care of yourself for your significant other and such are merely manifestations of having an unhealthy attachment or fp. This has been eating me up because for once I had hope and believed I was making progress. But now, I am questioning everything and it breaks me to think that all the progress I thought I was making could be but a symptom of my BPD.

    #BPD #Relationships #Fp #FavoritePerson