Hey guys, ( 21 yr old dood😄)
Hoping everybody is well.
I am new member and I wanted to detail a few of my symptoms, and hopefully someone can give me possible suggestions from their own experiences.


- thoracic back pain (ache)
Started as lower back pain, evantually moved up
- started when i was around 15, in the begining pain was barely noticeable, but over the years it is getting progressively worse. ( i genuinely think i will be paralyzed soon)
- pain improves with activity ( i was an athlete in high school and i am still active; helps keep the pain at bay to some level)
- git troubles
- i have noticed that one side of my back gets inflamed more
- cannot sit in for more than 20-25 mins
( sucks cuz i have full day of classes)😕
- mom has rheumatoid arthiritis

So, under my own investigations, i think ankylosing spondylitis is a fit for my condition, havent gone to a doctor due to the pandemic and all, so AS is purely a self diagnosis. If you guys have any other thoughts on what i could i be suffering from, please please please tell me.
I am naturally a happy person and most things dont bring me down, but this back pain is starting to pull me down, i really am losing hope and putting a name on whatever this is, will help.

Thank you so much for reading my essay here, and whatever illnesses you guys are suffering from, i urge you to fight through the pain. Good luck.

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