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Ode to My Cruel Master

I was inspired by how much my previous poem, seemed to inspire many of you, The Mighty. It got me thinking about chronic pain and it’s ability to alter our lives. I offer this poem to all the chronic pain warriors… I hear your silent screams, and I see the darkness that shrouds your everyday life 🫶

Pain is impatient, pain is cruel, and unkind.
Boasting of its grip, its reckless pride intertwined.
In its shadows, the world is reshaped, redesigned,
A constant echo, always there, unrefined.

Delighting in the shadows of evil's cast,
Pain’s truth is cruelty, stark and clear.
Attacking, betraying, fostering fear,
Its grip lingers over memories of a peaceful past.

In the depths of its ceaseless cruel dance,
Moments once joyful are stripped of their chance.
Pain lingers, persistent, in every glance,
A silent scream, a stifling expanse.

Pain’s lens, renders the body estranged,
Once a sanctuary, now forever changed.
Fear, mistrust, and memories deranged,
In its grasp, life’s many joys are rearranged.

Yet within the storm, a flicker remains,
Not of love, but of strength, unchained.
For each day faced, and every battle gained,
Is testament to the warrior’s spirit—unstrained.

The world may darken, colours slowly fade to gray,
Yet the will to endure keeps the abyss at bay.
For within the prone sufferer, light finds a way,
A beacon of hope, that pain cannot sway.

In this piercing realm of unrelenting strife,
The chronicle of pain is more than just life.
It is a testimony of resilience: to face the knife,
And finding a way within, the strength to survive.

Image: Francisco Goya, Self Portrait With his Doctor

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New to this Mighty site

I am Katness, or Kat, older adult with ADHD, Ankylosing Spondylitis and Type 2 Diabetes. I have an adult son and an amazing husband. (The kid came first, then hubby applied for the job of step-dude.) We have been a family unit for 20 years now. The #ADHD was a learning curve for my husband, but as my mother told him on our wedding day - "life with me will never be boring!" She also told him "No Returns". A sense of humor is the one thing our family has in abundance. My mom and dad, my brother and I all have ADHD. My dad and mom each have at least one sibling with ADHD or other #neurodivergent challenges. The #AnkylosingSpondylitis I inherited from my father, and it is a royal pain in the back. My back is the main location for the AS to flair up, though I once had a flair up of my intestinal tract. That was horrid. It can also decide to flair up in a person's iris, which us an urgent ER trip. So far, I have not had this happen, thankfully.
I am extremely fortunate that my husband is willing to do 90% of the household chores, and I have a steady salary job that covers all our expenses. So, that's me in a nutshell, though I have a lot of wild stories that are all true, and some even have photos to prove it. 😅
Pic of hubby and me.

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Hi I haven’t posted for a long time but my fibro is gifting me new symptoms. I’ve started having episodes of sweating profusely. It used to be just night sweats but now it’s all day. Has anyone found anything to help this. I know it’s probably due to a mix of medication side effects and my autonomic nervous system playing up but would be grateful for any help #Fibro #AnkylosingSpondylitis

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New diagnosis

As of yesterday I have a new diagnosis to add to my list, Ankylosing Spondylitis. It comes with the usual confusion of emotions that seems to accompany every diagnosis (I think I'm building up a bingo card of them by now). First relief to be told it's not all in my head, and validation to finally not have my chronic pain blamed on something I'm doing wrong. Then the fear of the unknown (this wasn't anything I'd considered) and the chicken or the egg type questions (trying to figure out what symptom could actually be attributed to AS that I had assumed was Hashimotos, or chronic migraines, fibroids or endo. Is this why I've been struggling with my eyes? The chronic fatigue? I feel better now in using mobility devices, which is silly, I know you shouldn't need a diagnosis in order to use them, but I always felt awkward being questioned in the past. PSA no-one should question another's need for a mobility device. #AnkylosingSpondylitis #ChronicPain #CheckInWithMe

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I'm doing alright #AnkylosingSpondylitis #Depression #Arthritis #Fibromyalgia

Normally I'm here because things aren't going well, but this time I want to report that I'm okay. Physically I am coming off from a flare, and I'm fighting my way out of a depressive episode. So I reckon I'm ok. I've also been able to exercise lately. Which is awesome. Yay for small wins!

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I’m new here!

Hi, my name is katness7. I'm here because I just learned about this site and wanted to learn more. I was first dx'd with Ankylosing Spondylitis in 1985.

#MightyTogether #AnkylosingSpondylitis #ADHD #Diabetes

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Ankylosing Spondylitis

I want my old life back, this broken body crap is so irritating

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I'm new here!

Hi, my name is ChapelWhite79. I'm here because I have hyperparathyroidism, spondylolisthesis and probable ankylosing spondylitis so looking for support and understanding!

#MightyTogether #Hyperparathyroidism