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muscle pain & stuff

heyy everyone, i wanted to pick people's brains about muscle pain.

i've been struggling with my health for a while, i have a long list of symptoms that are all pretty mild on their own but add up to being pretty exhausting. that in and of itself makes it hard to coax a GP into giving me more than a shrug. but lately i'm wondering specifically about an issue i've been having off and on for years.

sometimes after mild exercise, especially during periods when i haven't been exercising much, the part of my body that was exerted will just hurt /so bad/. it's always focused in a joint (knee, shoulder, etc), but radiates throughout the affected limb.

it's a sharp pain, intense enough that it makes it impossible to focus on anything else. and it's typically same-day pain, flaring up at night after, say, taking a walk or doing yoga or something. by the next day it's usually gone.

it's hard to describe it in a way that makes it sound as alarming as it feels. but it just doesn't seem normal at all.

has anyone had similar symptoms? and if so, has it been a part of any particular diagnosis process? i'd appreciate any input about what it could be.

#Musclepain #Undiagnosed #ChronicIllness

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desperate for a diagnosis and relief

What disease or genetic disorder causes chronic ‘“muscle fever”, post-exertional malaise and chronic tendon pain in most joints?
(ps i also have inherited demyelinating sensory neuropathy) #Musclepain #TendonPain #PostExertionMalaise #Neuropathy
#Pain #sickofbeingsick


Weather and Fibromyalgia

It has been HOT here in Virginia. Mid 90’s with heat indexes in to the 100’s. I’m currently working summer camp for the preschool I work at and we had three outdoor field trips back to back this week. Today I am in ridiculous pain, my shoulders, back, arms and hands. I feel so weak and my body is just tired. It got so bad I started crying at work and came home early.
This is the first time I’ve had such bad symptoms in the warm weather. Usually my worst time of the year is winter, the cold temperatures keep me in a constant throbbing ache. Anyone else struggle with weather extremes? What helps?

#Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Fatigue #Musclepain

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This is fine

Gotta love random pain. Have had thigh pain all day that voltarol doesn’t seem to have much effect on. And then random neck/ jaw pain and now my back has started hurting.

Swelling and palpitations did actually get better for a few days but they’re back to how they were now (well, swelling is worse), and the chest pain I was having is now physical pain when I press down on the area it hurts. So that’s fun.

Depression has had me down bad as well. Where I already wasn’t happy, the pain has just made it worse.

In brighter news, I had my 6-month post-op appointment the other day and it’s all good, with no signs of relapse (which was my biggest worry, given that I had such happen once before).

#ChronicPain #ChestPain #Pain #suffering #Musclepain #Postop #palpitations #Depression #MentalHealth


Possible Fribromyalgia....Any Advice?

For those of you who have been diagnosed with fribomyalgia, how were you diagnosed? By what kind of doctor? If it was self diagnosed, what symptoms do you have that lead you to this diagnosis? I think I have it. I have daily pain in most of my body, mainly my back and legs, and head. Muscles aches and joint aches as well as stiffness. The pain is often severe and makes it difficult to walk and especially hard to finish my shift at work because I'm on my feet the whole time.
I looked up symptoms for it and I have alot of them. Not sure how to proceed from here. #Fibromyaliga #Musclepain #Nerve and joint pain #JointStiffness #ChronicHeadaches #ChronicPain


Undiagnosed back pain

Hey guys, ( 21 yr old dood😄)
Hoping everybody is well.
I am new member and I wanted to detail a few of my symptoms, and hopefully someone can give me possible suggestions from their own experiences.


- thoracic back pain (ache)
Started as lower back pain, evantually moved up
- started when i was around 15, in the begining pain was barely noticeable, but over the years it is getting progressively worse. ( i genuinely think i will be paralyzed soon)
- pain improves with activity ( i was an athlete in high school and i am still active; helps keep the pain at bay to some level)
- git troubles
- i have noticed that one side of my back gets inflamed more
- cannot sit in for more than 20-25 mins
( sucks cuz i have full day of classes)😕
- mom has rheumatoid arthiritis

So, under my own investigations, i think ankylosing spondylitis is a fit for my condition, havent gone to a doctor due to the pandemic and all, so AS is purely a self diagnosis. If you guys have any other thoughts on what i could i be suffering from, please please please tell me.
I am naturally a happy person and most things dont bring me down, but this back pain is starting to pull me down, i really am losing hope and putting a name on whatever this is, will help.

Thank you so much for reading my essay here, and whatever illnesses you guys are suffering from, i urge you to fight through the pain. Good luck.

#BackPain #AnkylosingSpondylitis #Undiagnosed #BackPain #backache #arthiritis #SufferinginSilence #BackPain #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Musclepain


I need a little monkey who can constantly massage me!

I work from home, thankfully. I was denied for SSDI after a grueling two year application process. I ran out of time, couldn’t keep living with my mom, and was dying to come back home to California to be near my daughter. Today was one of those flare-up days where I basically have to keep massaging any part of myself I can reach. I was sitting there working (I have a desk that rolls over my bed, so I can sit in all the wacky positions that look uncomfortable but actually feel better for me) and feeling so exhausted. My muscles are all sore - as if I spent a week at the gym. I slept on my hour-long lunch break because I was so tired. All I could think was I wish I could be massaged constantly!
#Fibromyalgia #Flareup #Musclepain #Massage


Where’s the best place to live in the US for Fibromyalgia/Chronic Pain sufferers ? #Fibromyalgia #ChronicPain #Musclepain #depress

I’ve already searched online for answers to this question with NO success, as each website contradicts each other. So now I turn to those with personal experience. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.


Pain frustration

The amount of pain from just trying to live a normal productive life for two days straight has me on the verge of tears. I took OTC medication and CBD oil since I’m still trying to find a new pain management doctor. Muscle pain and nerve pain through out every inch of my body and I’ve done everything I can do at home to attempt to relieve at least some of the pain which of course has triggered muscle spasms in my feet legs back arms hands and neck. As I hide from my family to not let them see the living hell im in I am angry because i know if I try to go to an urgent care or the emergency room because they assume I’m not in as much pain as I’m saying and they won’t help me get even temporary pain relief (really only bearable pain relief) and I will be treated and labeled a drug seeker when the reality is my chronic illness is kicking my butt because I pushed myself too hard all because I tried to be productive for two days. I don’t even have the energy to scream. How am I supposed to try to live a life at all if I cannot trust a doctor to understand what is happening inside my body. #Fibromyaliga #ChronicPain #Musclepain #nervepain


I got a FitBit yesterday and I went to join one of the community things in the app only to remember that most people don’t have problems with average physical activity... #JointHypermobilitySyndrome #Musclepain #Pain