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He took away my mirror #Selfharm #Depression

Climb every mountain. And let the Hills fill them with the sound of music.

Only then on that Peak of my own mountain it came to me.
The wise words that hurt the most. He tool away my mirror.
The mirror everybody has. The mirror of Life and reflection. It is the most important thing we own.

I could not mirror him any more. In that moment I saw the pieces of broken glass and realised it was gone. I want to do everything to get it back but staying with the person who took my mirror leaves nothing but deep cuts. Cuts in my body and in my soul.

It is the sign off letting go. The pain, the trouble and him. With every step I am leaving him behind. With every step it Will get a piece of my mirror back. The mirror that shows my and how I reached de mountain Peak I belong. #Survivor #Selfharm #Depression #Gettingthere #BackOnTrack


#52SmallThings #Gratitude #BackOnTrack #dogsarelove

Trying to get myself back on the #52SmallThings I fell off of a few days. It’s 1:10 a.m. Sunday morning, and today I’m very grateful that the mud froze in my yard where my Dog has been walking through every nasty puddle the last few days. She’s got big paws to clean off!!
And yes, I’m grateful for her, always, no matter what she’s done. I love her so much!! 🐶💕💕