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When test negative after living thru your positive covid.. a very scary unknown and everyone is unique & varied in symptoms #before &AFTERcovidlife!

This, allowing those who went thru it& it didnt go away& they are still effected in a possibly unable ,to move forward in life/ work as before is a horror story in itself.
Being formally allowed to be possible as a legal result in qualifying ,without fighting to even be heard. Is a Blessing to anyone involved. I know personally and upfront and center how true the facts are. No one wants to have to be on disability, but having a law to make possible when you cant concentrate! & you DO have many fog days, your heart still pounds out of your chest & inflamation showing in chest and forearms.. as if a body builder! Unknown what permanent damage has occured from sooo high fevers, dehydration,or to brain, nuerilogically or other. Again& until when will it not be unknown.
It stays with you, And again unknown, how long, how bad. But is still stopping your needed faculties in quick thinking ability, trouble shooting , intuitive thinking jobs… when you still cant think straight!
On,where do I usually leave my sandals???
Brain fog even on simplist things( as in fybrmyalgia !!!! Very simular!
If “ long hauler& hurtsyou physicvally, mentally, fatigue you cant rest away. Bless this law!!
We did not bring on COVID, & dont know how to fight it& only few if lucky going thru worst of itand after too, to find any doctors , scientists, etc give any intelligent answers, feedback. It is pathetic
A loved one.. Took daily notes on every event since ill and after. Day1, day 2 etc. even while heart ponding out of chest and puddles of sweat formed om the floorr as updated wall board. Determined, scared& so sick
Kept on trying to not let Covid DAMAGE PERMANENTLY! He couldnt hardly move fingers on a badEOMcdd day & afraid of heart attack( he never once coughrd!)— so. He slowly keyed on phone 9 1 1, so if it was time to call ambulance . He could just hit send,,,, ❤️. When he felt worse, by then. , wouldnt let anyone come but did tell 2 people.. but when HIT SEND TO 911. All he could UTTER was barely heart attack. COME! He had heart checked and when gave him an IV IT WAS LIKE HEAVEN!!! I wanted to be with him, but didnt want others sick, couldnt rest . But did call when he was up to it. 💔


This assistance to help those that shouldnt have to fight Red Tape & brick walls. Is a huge Blessing, definitstly ! Thank you!

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