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Chat, Share, and Give

Join us at 2PM for chat Share and Give livestream support group. It's a safe space to share your feelings through chat with caring people. Watch on Twitter @NewsforLeft. there will be a link in the timeline when the show is live. #give


Just being honest

##give me a break I really don’t want to offend anyone but I really hate sports.... I dread football season, I despise hockey, baseball ... I just hate it! I’m so sick of my husband and sons constantly conversing about stupid athletes. Stupid trades and all that garbage .. ugh. I never say anything- I really don’t want them feel like that aren’t allows to like what they want. It’s just that at times it’s like it’s the only thing they can talk about. It’s boring and noisy- just can’t get away from it either. I just want a break


To be or to say ah fuck it for today #Love #parasite #give

I've noticeably gone done hill over the years. Going form an outdoor enthusiast hiking every weekend, to someone that looks at nice pics on the net.  Being as strong as a bear to being in bed most days takes a toll on the psyche. But I'm also a realist; I still have a good mind and like to use it.  I knew I would hit this low point of physical shit, just hoping it would have been much later.  

I look at the guy that just got his leg torn off in a car accident. To my
paralyzed friend I've got to know over the years. I have nothing to complain about when examining others and there challenges. I'll push and pull, my way thru life doing as I can.

I think the biggest pet peeve I have is with the lack of understanding of those who don't know what it is like to suffer. The constant, 'Are you okay, can I do anything.' I know people mean well but damn. My fav reply as late is, 'If I'm not face down I'm doing well. And if I am face down, role me over.'

I still can remember the last day I had no pain. Whether you suffer from mental illness and brain chemistry being out of whack, to your nervous system being eaten by stealth pathogens. Or other issues, I've seen people that cursed to be empathic and feeling everyone with in hundreds of miles. I can only imagine the weight on them. Whatever your challenges are, I hope you remeber a day here and there where life was almost perfect.


#give Books

I give my Christian Books to Christian Library International,they take fiction and non-fiction books and give the books to prisoners. Other books I leave in the little Library #