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    Community Voices

    How to get a job and make money after a bipolar 1 diagnosis, where do I begin to find the courage

    Hi everyone, I live in South Africa, finding a job after being forced to resign last is mission impossible, previous manager said I wasn't going to get my job back because I was sick, those words crippled every hope I had, she got into my head as if I have the space 😬, its been a year


    Community Voices

    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is Nurselife24. I'm here because I was diagnosed with Bipolar I Didorder 14 months ago. I am currently stable for 14 months. I would like to find support & be able to connect with others who share similar experiences. There are still times when I hate having been diagnosed & I don’t want to keep taking the meds. I just get tired of the appts & meds all the time, every day. Hooefully someone can relate & help me cope. Peace, love, & light to you all!

    #MightyTogether #BipolarDisorder

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    Community Voices

    A brief introduction

    My name is Melissa and I have cerebral palsy, bipolar 1 and dissociative identity disorder. As a new contributor I am excited to share a little bit about myself through my stories and hopefully help someone else along the way. Having mental illnesses have been so much more of a struggle than a physical disability because of the stigma associated with it. Since mental illnesses aren’t necessarily visible to the outside world there is often doubt and ridicule by both strangers and familiar people. For those of you experiencing conflict in your lives please know that you are worth it!! You are loved and you’re not alone! #MightyTogether

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    Community Voices

    The View Is Great

    Yesterday I posted a thought titled "The Beginning of Hope." It was a thought of mine that I was once suicidal and self-harming at one point but had made it out to the other side, I am now happy.

    First, I would like to apologize. I never want anyone to feel the way that I have felt- alone, rejected, and abandoned.

    Second, I am not a trained psychiatrist, and I sincerely apologize if I triggered anyone in any way, shape or form in my now-deleted post.

    Third, I want you to know that you are not a burden. You are beautiful. You are loved. No matter who you are or what you believe or what you do or what you've done. You are loved.

    Fourth, it does get better. Sometimes life feels like an uphill battle. Please keep climbing. The view is great. Make sure you're here to see it.

    #Depression #Bipolar1Disorder #Bipolar2Disorder #SuicidalIdeation #Selfharm #Mania #BipolarDisorder

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    Community Voices

    How does this happen?

    I'm both glad and sad about having finally been accurately diagnosed and properly treated for ADHD after 47 years. I'm enjoying the sense of peace and presence I don't think I've ever really felt.

    I'm just sad, I suppose, that it took this long. I felt the same way five years ago when I was finally diagnosed with bipolar I and properly treated.

    I know it's counterproductive, but I do wonder what my life would have been like if these things had been identified sooner.

    I know I could have been spared a lot of pain. I just wonder if I missed out on a lot of joy, too.

    I know I can't change anything except how I feel about it.

    How do you all cope when (or if) you start going down this path of what-ifs?#BipolarDisorder #ADHD #Anxiety

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    Community Voices

    For just one moment?

    Through all the chaotic thoughts within my head, I find one that seems to repeat over and over; quiet, could you be quiet for just one moment?" My degree in Psychology would say focus on that thought, use it to calm the rest. But
    my Bipolar 1 disorder tells me focus is what we are doing, with the 50,000 projects I have going simultaneously. Looking for a nail to hang that picture, while reading about the case study im researching, and wait...did I ever clean the shower? Shoot, I need to go to the store for cleaning spray.
    But, I'm not just a person with Bipolar and a Psychology degree, I am also Mom!
    Shaking my head in an attempt to calm the chaos, I attempt to reason with two preteen boys....
    "QUIET, could you be quiet for just a moment!?!?" Focus, chaos, kids. Oh, hey Anthony's home!! Thats right, Bipolat mom with a Psychology degree, fiance...and two barking dogs!
    Chaos, chaos, bark, chaos...through my thoughts and what I describe as tunnel hearing; I hear one of boys "Mommy don't look so good."
    QUIET, COULD YOU BE QUIET FOR JUST A MOMENT!?!?!" Bark, chaos, chaos, and before I am able to be the fiance or the mom with the Psychology degree, Bipolar 1 takes full control.......agitation and frustration turn to over-stimulation.

    How do you deal with the irriation and becoming overwhelmed without adding to the chaos with anger, in your everyday life?
    #Bipolar1Disorder #Mania #Anxiety #overwhelmed

    Community Voices

    Nighttime thoughts

    I've come to realize it is not so much the time that passes that ages a person-as much as the amount of grief they carry.

    And what I have come to see is that in the grips of devastation, reason does not exist.

    In the face of unanswered
    questions, faith does.

    That's the thing about faith;
    you can never fully lose
    something, if it can be
    rediscovered time and
    time again.

    #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarDepression #PTSD #CPTSD #Anxiety

    Community Voices

    Worse after the trial of my child hood sexual abuser#Bipolar1 & BPD

    After waiting years, the trial of my childhood sexual abuser was held. He was NOT convicted. I’m worse off now than before. My mental health is terrible and now my husband is doubting me. I haven’t had contact with my family for years and my husband and his family have become my family but now even they have their doubts about my credibility. I wish that I had never gone through with the trial. It was humiliating! I feel dirty and unloved! So sad!

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    Community Voices

    -Weeping Willow-

    Does the weeping willow weep
    Because it grieves
    Does it weep for the bereaved
    Does it weep for the soul that had to leave
    Does the weeping willow weep
    Because it can not speak
    Does it weep for the forgotten
    Does it weep for the meek
    Does the weeping willow weep
    Because it can not sing
    Does it weep for what's unseen
    Does it weep for the branches that no one comes to swing
    Does the weeping willow weep
    Because of the sorrow in our hearts
    Does it weep for the broken parts
    Does it weep for its worn and rotten bark
    Does the weeping willow weep
    For the love it never knew
    Does it weep at the last breath you drew
    Does it weep for me?
    Does it weep for you?

    #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #BipolarDepression #PTSD #CPTSD #Anxiety

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    Community Voices

    Hope is real. Help is real. #TWLOHA

    <p>Hope is real. Help is real. <a class="tm-topic-link ugc-topic" title="TWLOHA" href="/topic/twloha/" data-id="5b23cec400553f33fe99ecc3" data-name="TWLOHA" aria-label="hashtag TWLOHA">#TWLOHA</a> </p>
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