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What does bipolar mania feel like? Is it always happy?

Hi, Struggling bouncing between moods. I'm currently in the all over the place, mind doesn't understand the difference between $1 or $100, I forget stuff because my brain is processing so many things so quickly type of mood. I'm not particularly "happy", but I'm not sad. I don't want to be around more people. I'm just not depressed or thinking about dying or how bad things are. But I'm not like "Infinitely Bipolar" mania or "Wolf of Wall Street" living it up (of course fiction movies have to sell it, but I digress).

So my question is what does mania or hypomania feel like for you?

Ftr, I have a first visit with a psychiatrist in two weeks. A little nervous...

#BipolarDisorder #BipolarDepression #bipolarmania #bipolarhealth

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Education and Wellbeing

You can empower yourself by using resources available such as the library, media, internet and mental health support organisations. Learn all you can about yourself and your situation so you can make good decisions.

More about Education:

- Learning what my boundaries are
- Learning from my mistakes
- Recognizing negative behaviors
- Understanding past experiences
- Being comfortable with myself
- Accepting my past
- Learning how to live a happy life
- Trying something different
- Learning to love myself
- Breaking down life experiences and extracting the lesson to be learned
- Taking advantage of things I see and hear
- Understanding why we do the things we do
- Learning to respect others
- Loving others the way that I want to be loved
- Asking for help when I need it
- Believing in myself

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