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Imagine What Would Happen If We Stopped Taking Our Pills? 💊 #Medication

It makes you wonder though doesn’t it? Or maybe it doesn’t? But it definitely has made me ponder the question of what would happen, if anything, detrimentally to myself or others. Medication is prescribed on the basis of the pro’s outweighing the cons. Seeing the amount of cons potentially each one individually could bring in the concoction I take, justifies why Bipolar is classified as a S.M.I (Severe Mental Illness). Or does it? Are these pills more likely to be my downfall in later life? They all bring heart rhythm risks, then there’s liver problems and the lithium portfolio of side effects.

You are referred to a specialist, a psychiatrist, and given a treatment plan etc etc. You can refuse to attend appointments or not take your medication. You aren’t obligated to do either. You will have a reason why too. You know if it’s what you need and if you’re being listened to. Sometimes this response can get you detained under the mental health act. The Mental Health Act says when you can be detained in hospital and treated against your wishes. You can be detained if professionals think your mental health puts you or others at risk, and you need to be in hospital. If you are detained, NHS staff may be able to give you treatment, even if you don't want it.

The only thing is that this treatment won’t put you back together as you were. You are remodelled, your brain chemistry altered by drug after drug after drug to become someone that looks like you, but really isn’t you.

#bipolarmedication #MentalHealth


Medication Cannot Stop All the Battles

Two months ago I heard the darkest phrase I've been told. "You have Bipolar 2"

That phrase answered several unanswered questions about behaviors from the recent past and behaviors that I look back now and thought, "wow that was super impulsive."

I began a mood stabilizer a month ago. As my body metabolizes the medication, I felt that dark cloud covering me begin to lift. I began the full dose, and that cloud seemed to of disappeared.

I began to handle daily stressed with ease, and so many things just began to roll off me.

Until a cancellation of an event I was so excited to attend with my future husband. He didn't want to go.

I felt like I fell backwards off a high diving board, and plunged back into the darkest depths that I sought freedom from.

I shared my perspective of my feelings and my fiance was just not saying what I needed, what I wanted him to say.

I needed to hear that he isn't ashamed of my bipolar, that I am valued and a beautiful person. Instead I heard coping statements, and phrases of "next times," or "we can go do those others things you want to do."

Right now, I want to turn back the hands of time, go back to last night and have my cup filled with joy of going out and enjoying an event together.

Medication can help with keeping me in mania shorter, but it doesn't help with coping, and feeling the pain of insecurity.

Not even 2 small pills can help the stupidest battles that plunge you into the dark.

But it can help you see the light again and that life does go on. #Bipolar2 #bipolarmedication #bipolarmania #ManicEpisodes


Bipolar 1 without antipsychotics?

Is it possible to manage Bipolar 1 symptoms without antipsychotics? Abilify caused my Tardive Dyskinesia - I now take a medication for that. Seroquel is causing me to have Akathisia - I need to go off of that medication & it’s hard. I’m at a loss and very frustrated with antipsychotics. Has anyone else experienced frustrations with antipsychotics? #BipolarDisorder #Bipolar1Disorder #Medication #bipolarmedication

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I want to hear some of your experiences if you had any taking Vraylar. I am looking into switching over to it, and want to hear from people who are on it or have tried it. I know everyone is different but the info will help! thank you! #bipolarmedication