I just finished a Teleheath Zoom appointment with my psychiatrist not too long ago, and there was a lot of hard pills to swallow. Learning how to accept change has been the biggest pill to swallow. Accepting the change in my physical body as well as my emotions behind it all. I have learned that I need to be more selfish with myself. I've been waiting to please others again and that isn't helping me whatsoever. I've been wanting others to accept me yet I have forgotten to accept myself. Again biggest pill to swallow. Admitting that I am not ok, I can admit is getting better. I may not vocalize it to others as much but I am making sure to vocalize to myself. Really say it out loud so I can really take in what I am saying and let it sink in. Asking for help is the next to biggest pill to swallow. I've gotten so accustomed to doing things and fixing everyone else's mistakes that I feel as though I can handle everything on my own. I have to ask for help and be ok with asking. I have to get out of my feelings about asking for help when I need it. There are some people in my life that truly want to help and I have to let them in to do so. As I learn more about myself during this pandemic and being quarantine, I am realizing that this is nature to feel the way I do. Even though the pills are hard to swallow, they are what is helping me to be a better person for myself first and then for others. Keep fighting!

Ana 💪🏾🦓❤♿

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