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Which Characters Do You Think Are #Autistic ?

New blog post! This week I explore my autistic head canon in a character from one of my kids' favourite shows, Paw Patrol!

#actuallyautistic #AllAutistics #neurodiversesquad #blogpost

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My podcast - Mental health, Money and Me

Hi everyone!

For anyone who's interested, I've started a podcast 😁. Its primary focus is trying to understand how money works and how the "system" is built to keep us in debt and not prosper finacially.

However the underlying message is about my journey understanding myself and where I fit in with my mental issues but how I can still accomplish my goals.

I feel we need to talk about money and the lack of understanding more because money troubles often lead to mental health issues.

I've only done 3 episodes, so its not a fantastically produced podcast yet. but bare with me I'm learning!

Its available on all podcast platforms, just search for Mental health, Money and Me podcast and I should come up.

Let me know what you think if you have a listen! 😁 - This link is to spotify. Enjoy #Anxiety #ADHD #Podcast #MentalHealth #blogpost #money #Debt #TheMighty