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    The hidden costs of depression - late payments, interest, lapsed contracts, etc.

    In addition to not being able to work full time and paying for anti-depressant medication and therapy, depression often comes with extra expenses that many people don't know about.

    💮 I haven't filed my income taxes because I got so overwhelmed trying to fill out the forms and too tired to hunt down all my receipts. As a result, I am denied government subsidies for prescription medication and have to pay full price.

    💮 I often forget to pay my bills on time and end up with late fees or interest charges.

    💮 My 2 year home internet contract ran out and I've been paying double for the past six months because it feels insurmountable to call the company to renew it or to research other options.

    Have you had any increased costs in your life as a result of depression or another mental illness?

    #Depression #Anxiety #PTSD #money #bills #Finances #hiddencosts

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    Saving money after growing up with barely enough for the month #money #Growingup #saving

    I personally feel the need to save every penny I have left over of the week or a month, but also needing to spend as much as I can because I didn't had this opportunity as a child. I don't know what to say really, I just think my impulses are sometimes to much to save all I want or to spend it above my needs.

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    Need advice on how to pay for medical bills as a student

    I am considering seeing a functional medicine doctor because I've been having a lot of pain and other symptoms that regularly practicing "Western medicine" doctors are dismissing or not paying attention to. When they do "listen," they suggest prescription meds, which I have tried and am strongly opposed to. However, they're expensive and don't usually accept insurance. I'm considering taking out a personal loan through my bank or maybe using a low interest credit card and doing it anyways. I could also take out additional student loans, but I'm already in about $80,000 of student loan debt. Has anyone else paid for medical bills using any of these methods or seen a functional medicine doctor? Is it worth it? Any advice? Thank you! #ChronicIllness #money #medicalgaslighting #functionalmedicine


    Is Your OCD Expensive?

    I need a lot of things, like tissues, disinfectant wipes, toilet wipes, computer screen wipes, extra clothes, nitrile/vinyl gloves, (sometimes multiple) things for certain purposes, because of my OCD, plus I need things for physical disabilities and issues, like bed pads, extra bathroom tissue, dry eye drops, powder/products for sweating and chafing, and more. These are only a few things for each I need, but I don't always have them all. My boyfriend gets mad at me for the things I need, and that I eat out. That's an ocd thing, too, but more of a mental health thing. I don't do well staying in the motel room, even for one day, and I have to wait for him till at least after 8:00 pm most days to bring me a meal (usual Chinese chicken fried rice, and I find Chinese boooring, but I don't want anything the convenience store offers. I also can't eat just anything because my teeth are so bad and missing, plus my body doesn't react well to some foods. I can't cook at the motel because the microwave is broken and my boyfriend has cooked things in there that are a problem for me.

    Anyway, I'm in a restaurant now (another reason I'm limited is, I have to know the restaurant bathrooms aren't a problem for me), and the waiter asked how I was, and I gave a "so-so" hand gesture, and he asked what was wrong. I said, "Money." He said, "Why are you eating here, then?" I don't feel like explaining my OCD and other issues to anyone, plus it's none of his business, anyway. I usually get the cheapest dish, other than soup, although today I got fish, because I was really craving fish. Also, the drinks are free refills. This is my only meal of the day, except for a small snack later.

    Does anyone go through a lot of things because of their ocd, and maybe other reasons?


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    × " How To Set " Boundrie's " With Family Member's When It Come's To Helping Them Out With Money ? " × # TrustIssue's #Family

    × " So My Sister Sent Me A Text Today... I Was Super Busy At My Job.. I Guess She Has Her Hubs Paying The Mortgage Or Whatever And My Nephew Pay's The Internet... I Litterly Buy Toilet Paper And Laundry Liquid... Because They Blow Through It Within A Week. For No Reason. I Have Asked Them To STOP Paying For My Cell Phone Bill. Now That I Have A Full-Time Job. I Can Pay It Myself. And They Also Want Me To Pay The Water Bill Which Is $100.00+ . I Have No Problem With Helping What Make's Me Angery Is The Timing Like. I Budget Everything With My Money Now That I'm Alone. So I'm A Huge Pennie Pincher Now. Except When I Really Want Something For Myself Then I Spend More. I Just Wish That They Tell Me Before The Month Start's Not In The Middle Of The Month. Sigh Sooo Annoying AF. " × #boundries #money #Family Sincerly, ☆ S. K. ☆