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when are we ready to have a relationship while dealing with #borderiinepersonalitydisorder and #Depression ?

I used to have a toxic 3 years oldrelationship and it ended like 6 months ago, and like 2 months ago i found this guy that i really like, and he likes me back, we were going out, but nothing serious because of me, because i am afraid to ruin everything because my condition, but idk maybe i am ready, i am healthier than before, so WHEN DO YOU THING YOU ARE READY TO HAVE A SERIOUS RELATIONSHIP #RelationshipBPD

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Meaningful Lyrics #

#Alcoholism #borderiinepersonalitydisorder #BipolarDisorder
I heard a track from an artist that's a personal favorite for the first time yesterday; the lyrics reduced me to tears, amd the melody was beautiful. It reminded me of where I have been (recovering alcoholic), where I am now, (in a better space than I was a get months ago) and the in-between. At the end of the video are the numbers for help with alcohol addiction, drug addiction, and the national suicide hotline. The title of this song is "A Reason to Fight" It is performed by one of my favorite bands--Disturbed. Before you non-metalheads dismiss the song, think "Sound of Silence", the Simon & Garfunkel cover that NASA used
A few years back. Dave Draiman's voice is beautiful, and the song is done (mostly) on acoustic guitar. That said, it's the lyrics that really got to me. No guarantee of accuracy, bur here goes the my translation: "...I won't give up - so don't give in - you've fallen down but you can rise again - so don't give up - when the demon that's inside you is ready to begin - and it feels like it's a battle you're never gonna win - when you're aching for the fire and begging for your sin -when there's nothing left inside - there's a reason to fight..." I don't know how to add a link, or if I'm even allowed, but it's on YouTube and YouTube Music... undoubtedly on pretty much any music site. The name is "A Reason to Fight" by Disturbed, and I feel that it fits the theme of #keepgoing Enjoy. I have a reason to keep going - Disturbed concert tickets for one of their January shows... 🤘

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