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There's more on the borderline

To all whom want to see what ive got to share, I hope I can help alittle. Theres more good than can be seen in our borderline emotions. I believe our purpose behind feeling emotions heavier than others if so that we can breathe life into their emotions. In every relationship ive had, long or short, one thing that basically all my past relationships can agree on is that, I made them FEEL I showed them how happy happy can be over the smallest things, even. I have shown people how sad sad can be as well. Ive shown people anger in such a dramatic, not breaking or getting physical way, that the men ive dated with anger issues, had less anger issues before i left. I really hate to go through relationships but, if i have to i have started to try to look back on what it is i did help with even if miniscule. This is also based off the thought process that everyone affects everyones life, for a reason, to grow more. To deeply understand feelings, to me, is personal growth. I honestly don't think that the average person even understands the depth of sad or happy or angry until they get hit with something extreme. If I can be the extreme to just show people through my experiences what deep emotions are, I feel a tad better about it knowing that those people will then probably have a better appreciation for emotion. Granted, i really can only think of all this after im not in an extreme and probably disassociated or maybe just happy at the moment. :) #Borderlinedisorder #emotional #positivethoughts


How do you get rid of negative toughts?

I have a big problem with negative toughts. They are connected like chains and it always starts with a little one. At the end I feel anxiety and I can't breathe. I don't know how to stop this feeling. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Borderlinedisorder #Anxiety #NegativeThoughts

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Thinking back to the days of late night drives, friendships that were supposed to last forever , and the dream of just growing up.
I think of them as that.
Of the people we all were before the world changed us.
For the best for most of them. I'm sure.
But, for me.
Low life.
They think of me as that.

#MightyPoets #Depression #BipolarDepression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Borderlinedisorder #poems

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how BPD takes it toll on me daily

a very different post from me, feeling very brave and wanting to share my story. BPD takes over my life. here I have attached two pictures, the first is on a bad day, a low mood, could not bring my self to get out of bed, get changed or brush my hair, no make up nothing. I spend the day in bed sobbing with no explanation- when it’s one of these days I push everything away, lock my self away and stay in my room hidden from the world and locked in my own head, trying to bare the feelings I’m faced with. the second picture is on a better day. hair done, make up on facing the world even though sometimes I’m still battling these https://thoughts.people often say to me “you don’t look like you have anything wrong with you” or “you don’t look like you have a mental illness”, but they only see how I look on the good days. some days are harder and always will be harder than others. I’m not saying I have dark disturbing thoughts every day because I don’t, sometimes I laugh and feel normal, but on the days like the first picture I will tell people I’m busy so I can stay on my own, I will feel exhausted from doing nothing, I will feel so upset for no reason, I won’t be able to control my feelings and I will not be able to think I’m ok. #BPD really does consume your emotions and it’s like a rollercoaster, up and down up and down but you can’t get off, you don’t know why but it just is this way, and managing them can be difficult. #BPD #borderlinepersoniltydisorder #MentalHealthAwareness #borderlinepersonalityawareness #bpdawareness #Borderlinedisorder

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Why? Do i keep on having empties? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Borderlinedisorder

I’ve had a pretty good day, woke up at 5(as usual) finished the cake, also cleaned the whole the meanwhile my son (5) was doing his thing, went to a birthday.
Arrived back home, alone, and then it started..
Out of the blue!
You are unhappy in your relationship, is it the right relationship?
You are empty, and emotionally in pain..
The frustration it gives me when I cannot answers these questions.
I have everything I need and more, beautiful kid, good relationship, stable relationship...
It comes back all the time..
Dose anyone relate? #Borderline


Have you even chose not to enter a relationship you'd love to cause you are afraid your partner will find out about your #MentalHealth issues?

I have been dating someone for a few months and now we are planning to live together. She has no clue about my #Borderlinedisorder #EatingDisorders #Epilepsy #Anxiety disorder but I'm pretty sure it won't take her a long time to find out, if she moves in. I'm not isolated from the society (I have friends) but living alone gives me the safety of maintaining whatever concerns my mental health away from the rest of the world. I am really confused as I would like to live together with this woman but at the same time it feels uncomfortable. Anyone ever felt the same way? What did you do?


What do you do when you feel so anxious that you want to disappear and fail at doing daily tasks like going to school/work?

I'm missing school over a week now and it makes me feel guilty and even more anxious, is it a real problem or I'm just lazy?
#AnxietyAttack #Borderlinedisorder #Fear #nervous

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