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My soul is broken Daily suicide thoughts.

Every day I live with very heavy thoughts, it’s don’t get any better. Every day I live with a big wish to die or being at the endive to jump out the window. I suffer a lot from chest pain. It’s burning me. It’s heavy. It’s hard to breathe, hard to read out it’s so hard to stand it. This pain killing me. I am so much worried and so much afraid of people. So much afraid from my own self that I won’t be able to hold down my impulse and suicide this life. I can’t get professional help, I got all insurances possible and they refuse me , I went to many countries and places organization and all without result , because I can’t afford treatment or DBT by my self. I feel too much broken to work and being able to process and deal with all life alone . I don’t get any support from family regarding BPD issues. I feel so lost in this life ... # BPD life #BPD #borderlinegirl #fellheavy #ineedhelp #Suicide #suicidal #chestpains


thoughts of a #borderlinegirl

I have borderline personality disorder, depression, anxiety and self-harm. I'm on medication but I don't take medication now I feel good but who knows. I no longer try to commit suicide because there are already more than 6 times when the cuts failed, there were not enough pills, they found me in time when the oxygen was still enough in my lungs and when I was on the car in motion I'm  just broke a leg. I'm still alive but I don't know ¿why?but for now I am willing to find them for my nephew and my little doggy