Ever since the lockdown, my life has had quite the setback. I lived most of my life in social isolation and leaving my home unsupervised was prohibited. Growing up, only my parents and brother had access to a computer, own housekeys, own bankaccount and money and a phone. I had none of these untill I was 18 (only a mobile phone which I was only allowed to call to my parents. I was told to give a fake phonenumber to people I befriended with, leaving me even more isolated). I have been abused in several ways during that time untill I moved out and got help from mental health care. These events happend about nine years ago. I now have my first home where I no longer have to share certain things with or have to do something in return to get something. My whole studio belongs to me. But still, I’m recovering from a lot of traumatic events. So the lockdown has not been kind to me. It hit me right in the PTSD. Social isolation. Again. No more volunteering for three to four months. Almost ended up having a psychosis, over a year after the last one when I got clean from prescription pills (I have been sedated at home since I was ten years old thanks to my birthmother with presumingly Münchhausen by proxy, and mental healthcare professionals helped her without knowing or realising it. That is horror). Luckily I recognized the symptoms and acted accordingly, but it was nice if I had a reason to get out of my house and do something good and fun for others, and not being confronted with my past once again. My neighbors are mostly students and you know what that means. There were also a lot of incidents that happend within our community (arson, stabbingincidents, fights, suïcideattempts by my neighbors). I started looking for a new place to live again.
As life slowly started up again, so did I. But I’m dealing with a bore-out despite the things that I do to get busy and being productive again. School and my internship will be starting in about 42 day’s and I’m worried and tired. And I don’t want to be. I want to focus on having fin again and staying mindful as much as I can.

My question to you Mighties is: what is in your toolcase (WRAP) or recoverybox to cope with the aftermath of PTSD, Bore-Out/Burn-Out, depression, anxiety, tiredness or all of the above?
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