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Recently, I reached out for help and my support team aka my family has gone above and beyond for me over these last two weeks. I spent some time in the hospital and am about to start intensive inpatient.

A big reason of why my depression and anxiety got so bad was due to the supervisor I had when I was promoted. I didn’t ask to be promoted and the hours as well as the seclusion effected me on top of being made fun of for my mental health as well as being talked down to, screamed at and now nearly attacked durring my shift.

I’ve reported them on several different occasions to HR, which they have blown up at, even having auto evidence to support what they have done.

Currently I am working in a different building under a new supervisor as well as part time. It’s been a breath of fresh air. The hospital also has written that there is to be no contact between me and this supervisor, which they have broken twice already.

I’m afraid that within a month they will try to place my back in my old job under this bad management and I will end up back in the hospital all of the hardwork I’ve done resulting in nothing.

I’ve been thinking of asking them to keep my part time and at the building I’m at since it seems to be working.

Any thoughts?

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Trying to guess out what's going on

Hello everyone out there!

This is my first post on the Mighty ever, I was only a reader. But now I would like to ask for some help with my issues. I am trying to be short and don't bore anyone with my "life-story"...
So... I am diagnosed with OCD, what is relevant, but now this seems like something else is going on in my head... at least as I guess. About 1.5-2 months ago, at my workplace an old memory come up to my mind. It wasn't that type of thought OCD generates, it was a normal thing to remember something happened in the past, even if it's painful. With my colleauges, we were talking about childhood games because someone found a pack of 'action-cards' maybe, if this is their correct name. Those collectible, small cards with a hero on it, who had strength, life points, and so on... and I told they were great, because my classmates weren't fighting with each other, they 'beated' each other only on cards. Than, I mentioned "well... i wasn't the one who was fighting, but the wan who had been beaten by others..." We laughed at this, I was joking with it, but there is truth behind it. And if I would stop talking, it wouldn't be so awkward, but somehow, as I was wondering, I said it out loud: " Really, idk how that girl could beat me every day without any adults would have noticed it..."
Than my colleauges asked what happened with me, and I told them my story how i was beaten every day for a year in my second year of school... they seemed understanding, and i tried to myke a joke of myself... that's not the problem...
Since that, at random moments, more and more memories come to my mind... the sad and painful ones, just from nowhere. I mean I hear a word, a typical, every day used word, for example today I've heard my boss says 'ouch', and bang!, another bad memory... what i haven't thought about for years and doesn't matter anymore, because it's the past and i really didn't care about it, but they just come up... Can anybody relate to this or know what is this? I usually do my own research if I have any issues, but with this I don't even know where to start my research...
Thank you if you took the time and read my story.
P.S. Sorry for my English, it's a foreign language for me, but I am trying to improve it. 😏
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How to deal with Bore-out/Burn-out symptoms? #Burnout #Boreout #Depression #mentalhealth #Trauma #Autism #ADHD #Recovery #RecoveryBox #CheckInWithMe

Ever since the lockdown, my life has had quite the setback. I lived most of my life in social isolation and leaving my home unsupervised was prohibited. Growing up, only my parents and brother had access to a computer, own housekeys, own bankaccount and money and a phone. I had none of these untill I was 18 (only a mobile phone which I was only allowed to call to my parents. I was told to give a fake phonenumber to people I befriended with, leaving me even more isolated). I have been abused in several ways during that time untill I moved out and got help from mental health care. These events happend about nine years ago. I now have my first home where I no longer have to share certain things with or have to do something in return to get something. My whole studio belongs to me. But still, I’m recovering from a lot of traumatic events. So the lockdown has not been kind to me. It hit me right in the PTSD. Social isolation. Again. No more volunteering for three to four months. Almost ended up having a psychosis, over a year after the last one when I got clean from prescription pills (I have been sedated at home since I was ten years old thanks to my birthmother with presumingly Münchhausen by proxy, and mental healthcare professionals helped her without knowing or realising it. That is horror). Luckily I recognized the symptoms and acted accordingly, but it was nice if I had a reason to get out of my house and do something good and fun for others, and not being confronted with my past once again. My neighbors are mostly students and you know what that means. There were also a lot of incidents that happend within our community (arson, stabbingincidents, fights, suïcideattempts by my neighbors). I started looking for a new place to live again.
As life slowly started up again, so did I. But I’m dealing with a bore-out despite the things that I do to get busy and being productive again. School and my internship will be starting in about 42 day’s and I’m worried and tired. And I don’t want to be. I want to focus on having fin again and staying mindful as much as I can.

My question to you Mighties is: what is in your toolcase (WRAP) or recoverybox to cope with the aftermath of PTSD, Bore-Out/Burn-Out, depression, anxiety, tiredness or all of the above?
#ontherecoveryroad #roadofrecovery #socialworkstudent #peersupportspecialist #Peersupport #Askingforadvice #askingforinspo

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Does anyone else feel the overwhelming urge to take a nap at the worst times?

When I feel overwhelmed or extremely anxious I feel extremely sleepy, almost like my body is going into shut down mode. If I do sleep when I feel that way I just wake up feeling even worse about the time I've wasted but sleeping feels like the only real escape , if that makes any sense?
#Anxiety #Sleep #Askingforadvice